The Main Components Of Increased Calorie Intake For Muscle Building

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    Jul 03, 2013
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The Main Components Of Increased Calorie Intake For Muscle Building Photo by Aimee Sparker

In order to build muscles, one needs to increase the food intake. The muscle building requires great energy from the body in addition to the dedication and commitment. Therefore, muscle building is primarily dependent upon nutrition.

Muscle building gravely depends upon calorie intake. You need to increase the calories you intake in order to support all the workout efforts and the muscle growth. The lines below give the main components your calorie increase may comprise of to support muscle growth.

Calorie Intake Components:

An increase in calorie intake in no way means a green pass to eating whatever junk food you wish to eat to bulk up. Rather, the increase in calorie intake must be properly planned and only the most suitable and best foods be selected for muscle growth.

Pertaining to muscle growth, your calorie intake must primarily comprise of proteins as they are 20% of the muscle composition. While the rest of the calorie intake can be compensated with carbohydrates as 70% of muscles consist of both carbs and water. Therefore, a planned calorie increase with protein and carbs guarantees muscle growth, any increase other than that may not be that effective.

1. Meats:

The prime and the best source of proteins to support muscle building is meat. All the different varieties of meat like red meat, lean meat, poultry, and fish all are rich in proteins and have the ability to give maximum muscle growth. Therefore, they must be made a part of the calorie intake to ensure that the protein supply to the muscle is increased. However, among meats you must avoid the meats such as pork or beef that are high in fat and go for lean meat such as chicken, turkey and fish.

2. Milk:

The other food that is a must part of the calorie intake of muscle builders is milk. Roughly, an 8 ounce glass of milk contains 20g protein. Although milk is unique in its protein provision, however, if you have some allergy from cow milk, then you can go for rice milk, or even goat milk for protein purposes.

3. Eggs:

The most delicious and the most readily consumed form of protein is in the form of eggs. An egg contains almost 6.5 grams of protein. Therefore, 2 eggs in the breakfast and you are good to go for a workout. Muscle builders prefer consuming egg whites separated from egg yolk as the latter contains cholesterol. Therefore, try consuming egg whites to help gain muscles.

4. Complex Carbs:

Carbs are required for greater muscles as they help in performing a better workout. The reason why complex carbs should be preferred over simple carbs is because the former digest slowly and supply energy for longer compared to the later that give an instant energy burst and are then gone. Therefore, consuming foods like oatmeal, rice, pasta, beans, and potatoes can help you increase the ratio of complex carbs in your calorie intake.


In short, your increase in calorie intake for muscle building must majorly comprise of proteins. You can consume it by eating the aforementioned foods, or you can visit the best muscles building supplements store and buy a protein supplement that will increase your protein intake. Thus, help you grow bigger and stronger muscles.

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