Fear of Stepping Forward.

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    Feb 03, 2013
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Fear of Stepping Forward. Photo by Fatima Khattak


Most of the times, it’s because of your past. You think you’ve moved on, but for some reason you still gawk at the scars it leaves behind and you hate it, it’s still there. It haunts you, every moment in life, everyday you think about it. It’s your past, you’ve already post it down, and unable to erase it, walk out of it. It haunts you.

Its that image, in your head, you can never leave precedent, that thought that always occurs to you before you make a verdict close to being related to your past. It could be love, money, relationships, and all that, but it’s there. And it haunts you,After months of trying you finally grasp the idea that maybe  it’s hypothetical to be that way, and it’s that one thing that might help you make the right decisions but it might also be, that one thing, that makes you step back and let go of the sever, because of the superfluous “cost” .

“Love is not easy” they say, and it’s not a false avowal. Your past is what brings in your fear, and you start to avoid chances of falling in love again. It takes you high up above, but once it breaks you, it brings you down to nothing, but shame and disapproval. So what if someone broke your heart a long time ago? So what if you failed your exam? So what if you got rejected? That doesn’t mean you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone and broken, not looking for that special someone because once it broke your heart. That doesn’t mean you won’t pass your exam if you try again, that doesn’t mean you won’t try again with a different approach that absolutely does not mean you’re going to forget about your dream because of that tiny bump on the road. You try, again and again! That doesn’t mean you should stop, because if you still keep on trying, there is a chance of you winning, a chance of you getting what you want, but if you don’t even try then there is nothing left for you!

Stop feeling pity over yourself, get up! Stand on your two feet that God has given you! It’s right there! Don’t stop trying, because only then you get somewhere. Laying in bed watching the news and saying “look at these fools!” is not going to change the world, it is not going to bring peace, it is not going to give you what you want, until, you get up and in fact do something about it. Have tranquility, live your life, the past is gone, its done, now you have years! Years! To bring back what good was left of it, and make life of it.

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