Principles of successful woman

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    Jan 13, 2014
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Principles of successful woman Photo by Evelin Michaels

Times aren't what they used to be. Women and men, too. Today, the woman is not just a caring wife who supports her husband, forgiving and embraces humility. Actually, the modern woman doesn’t need a husband to take care of her. She can do it herself…perfectly. The woman nowadays is an epitome of multiple tasking and flexibility.

What are the principles of the independent and successful woman? You’ll find out them here:

  • Successful woman is never at ease with the "circumstances” – she is not afraid of unemployment statistics, divorce, loneliness. This woman does not lose a minute of her time, but tries to change the circumstances. Even if it means to start a job that is below her "level" or to remain "single mom" for the sake of her own peace of mind and that of her child;
  • Successful woman doesn’t perceive herself as a hero – she doesn’t count on charm only. She understands that she wants something, she has to earn it. She also does not expect handouts by bosses, men or… fate. You will never hear from such a woman words like: "I am a single mother and that is why I am successful”.  For her motherhood does not require any qualifications, and coping with it is a life debt, not a matter of strength, independence and suchlike;
  • Successful woman is confident in herself – she never panics because of financial, family or any other problem. There is no time and she doesn’t think too much about unnecessary things, because she is too busy fighting for her future. Moving out of her current home and end of tenancy cleaning? Don’t doubt she will handle this, too;
  • Successful woman is decisive. Very much! – psychologists have called the indecision “the murderer of the personal success”. But modern accomplished woman doesn't need a psychologist to understand it. She never delays important decisions for later;
  • Successful woman is optimistic – even if she has to work something that doesn’t make her happy, in the name of survival, she never loses hope and incentive. This woman is feisty and believes that she will achieve her goals. Because the successful woman has succeeded even when success is still in her thoughts!

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Successful woman is confident in herself! Moving out of her current home and end of tenancy cleaning? Don’t doubt she will handle this, too!

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