Signs You Are Not Cleaning Often Or Well Enough

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    Oct 11, 2013
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Signs You Are Not Cleaning Often Or Well Enough Photo by Evelin Michaels

Nobody can tell you how often you should perform your regular domestic cleaning. There are certain recommendations about how you can maintain a good hygiene but anything else is up to you and how you feel about the condition of your kitchen, bathroom, living room - the entire house in general. Yet there are a few signs, hints that can imply that you are not doing a very good job at your domestic tasks.

  • Refrigerator - if you have to throw something out because of bad odour and it happens more than once a month, this means that you have to take better care of the fridge. You should go through the fridge and “refresh” it at least once a month; otherwise, you put your health at risk.
  • Dust - if you can write your name on the TV set with your finger, than you need to start dusting more frequently. This is essential if you have children or if someone at home has allergies.
  • Dishes - washing the dishes only after you have used all of them is nowhere good enough. Leaving the dishes dirty with traces of food over them is an opportunity for bacteria to spread. In order to avoid this, use the dishwasher at least once every other day.
  • Laundry - again don’t wait to run out of clothes in order to load the washing machine. Leaving the dirty clothes in the baskets for too long is the most common source of bad odour.
  • Oven - some people degrease the oven every time they use it. Others do it fortnightly. It really depends on how often you use it. But you should have in mind that if you scratch the surface when you start cleaning it, then you have delayed too long and you need to deal with the oven more regularly (the longer you wait, the harder it is to get rid of older grease)

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House maintenance is never fun and it’s always easy to find an excuse not to do it, but you should never forget that each time you decide to put it off for a while, you also decide to put your health at risk.

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