Deep and quick cleaning of a micro house

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    Jun 26, 2013
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Deep and quick cleaning of a micro house Photo by Evelin Michaels

  Micro houses have become extremely popular these days. To be more specific, micro houses are contemporary home projects that incorporate both – perfect home comfortableness with saving space. Global growth of the population along with the lack of enough area to satisfy the need of housing of the human kind. These needs are main factors that made modern architects to present such an idea. The idea is really good for contemporary housekeepers and busy housewives, too. Imagine a world and lifestyle, where house cleaning tasks are reduced to minimum, when it comes to time duration.

Micro houses are small and practical enough, so daily domestic cleaning becomes here really fast and stunning! On the other hand, you will always have a chance to manage a deeper one off cleaning and never skip any seasonal cleaning – summer cleaning, for instance! Now, when the summertime is here, you must have been suffering from lack of time to do the summer cleaning, aren’t you? Meanwhile, the micro houses are composed of transforming furniture. Hiding the dirty table behind the big office desk is a super way to postpone a cleaning task without risking home convenience and healthy living environment! Be in fashion and check out the newest trends for deep and quick cleaning of a micro house:

  • Cleaning here is not room by room, but house part by house part. Sometimes, living room interior elements are connected with the bed, for instance. So, the most efficient way to sanitise a micro house is to make a strict schedule and plan at first!
  • Disinfect parts of the micro house, when they are transformed in its larger composition! This could be thorough disinfection for a micro house. If you want to do some daily cleaning – wipe the surfaces of the common house areas – kitchen and bedroom, for instance.
  • Reduce the old stains, grime and dust by cleaning the parts in a micro house, which come together to form a particular premise. Even though they are hidden, they still attract dirtiness and bacteria.
  • Polish the furniture in natural daylight – it will help you in managing the sanitising of the entire composition behind the micro house!

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Regular home cleaning is vital for your family's health and safety. Don't forget to clean the hidden places, because they accumulate more dust and can be very dangerous for you. And once or twice a year call a professionals to deep clean your home with special products and equipment.

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