Things you didnt know about domestic bugs

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    Oct 23, 2013
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Things you didnt know about domestic bugs Photo by Evelin Michaels

Nobody is insured against domestic bugs. This also means that nobody is simply and naturally protected against allergies, infections, diseases and issues with children’s health or pet safety. Bugs are tiny and sly enough to enter your house without your permission and without letting you find out about it immediately. Plus there are lots of things you didn’t know about domestic bugs and it is very important for you to get informed before it’s too late:

  • Domestic bugs of all kinds may enter your domestic living environment even if you are perfect in home hygiene preservation. Sometimes, even often one off cleaning procedures aren’t enough to protect your house or apartment from dust mites, moths or ants. Some tough measures are usually required – professional services or even toxic attack against the bugs.
  • If you think you have bed bugs, you definitely have some. So, as soon as you feel something bites or disturbs you during relaxation or sleeping, make the measures right away. Check and act bravely!
  • Only because a particular room is full of particular bugs doesn’t mean you have them all over your house!
  • You can carry bugs from traveling, vacation, visitation and hotel accommodation. It is really a bit loony to check your baggage before returning home precisely and maniacally, but it gives you safety and prevention against these tiny and annoying insects.
  • Colourful clothes and strong-smelling perfumes attract some flying insects, which eventually can settle down in your own living environment. Airing is the key, though, not changing your wardrobe style!
  • Bugs have an incredibly short lifespan – this shouldn’t actually tranquil you! On the contrary – a mosquito, for example, becomes an adult with the ability to feed from your blood in hours!
  • Ordinary baking soda mixed with few drops of tap water helps a bite to cure fast and non-toxically! The method is applicable to all kinds of bugs and bites.

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If you couldn’t deal with the dust mites or other domestic bugs during the end of tenancy cleaning, inform your landlord about it! It may be risky for the inventory check, but the bigger risk comes, when the new tenants get infected!

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