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    Sep 23, 2012
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Everybody knows that at the every stage of our life we need someone to share our personal and professional life, we need someone to hold our hand in a crowd which is against us, to catch our tears when we are sad, to slap our back when we are wrong, to make us smile when we can't.

But sometimes we failed to uphold our relations because we start comparing them with one another. To save a single relation we loose all of other.At that time we don't realize that what we are doing with all those people who loves us more than this. This is the fact that when we fall in love we forgot all our other relations and what we remember only that person to with we have fallen in love . we start to live in an imaginary world. it semms that we don't need anyone except him/her.

That single relation is enough for us to share our all problems, to listen our all question and to solve all our problems. We start planning our life with that person. we became so foolish for only that person who is new in our life. We forgot all of our old friends, parents and well wishers. if we care  anything for that person who will leave us alone to cry and to suffer the pain got by him/her.

One day all our dreams have been broken. we became so helpless and have to be patient for this pain because we know that this is our mistake that for only one person we have lost all of our other relations. Now we have to suffer this pain alone because there is no one to listen our broken heart cries, to catch our tears, to make us smile again, to stand with us in this difficult time, to share our feelings and to say that life never was easy come on accept it and grow up,I am always there to make you smile and I can't see you crying so don't cry, Look I'm here and I care for you. But when we lost this relation for whom we lost all other relations than we realize that we are alone and it is the most painful time to suffer alone through our pain. so, we should remember that every relation has its own junction and we are nothing without these precious relations. They give us spirit and make us strong to handle our all good or bad situations. 

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