A Blast From The Past

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    Oct 20, 2012
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It was a typical sunny Saturday morning, Aubrey was out on her usual morning jog in Kennedy Park. Kids were running around playing on the jungle gym, birds were chirping, dogs were barking and catching frisbees. Then as she approached the bench where the Coffe Kart was usually parked, she caught the eyes of a man that looked very familiar, sitting on the bench and who just happened to be watching her run by. She glanced at him for a quick second, but was forced to do a double take as a question forced its way to the front of her mind. Wait, a second. Was that..?! This sudden possibility of who it might be caused her leg to give out, making her trip and fall. No sooner had she hit the ground, when a strong pair of arms had found their way around her shoulders. The last time she had a strong pair of comforting arms around her was back when she was 16.

Her father had just been in an accident at work and she was crying on the front doorstep. A comforting, strong pair of arms slipped around her shoulders. She rubbed the tears from her eyes to find the boy from a block or two away sitting next to her. “Are you okay,” he asked with concern.

"What?" Aubrey blinked a few times, bringing herself back to the present day. She was in the park, being helped up off the ground, with a throbbing pain in her right ankle. For some reason she couldn't help but feel slightly starstruck.

“Are you okay,” the stranger asked again, helping her off the ground and over to a nearby bench.

That voice. It couldn't be. She looked up to the face of the man helping her, and found herself staring into a familiar pair of emerald green eyes.

She went back 10 years...

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