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    Sep 05, 2012
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MOTIVATION. What does it take to be motivated by something or what does it mean to be motivated? Many people still don’t understand this, because to be motivated it also depends on you. Maybe you are the one to motivate yourself or someone has to motivate you as well.. it is something of also two ways too. Some time humans do sit down and wait for someone to motivate them on something that they never had the intention or the heart of doing, that is motivation starting. Sometimes we have to be motivated by either we or someone else, because you can not gain wisdom sometimes when you wait to be motivated by someone. While also sometimes, your ways of life is all about someone always telling you on what to do or giving you heart towards doing something you think you can not do.

How can you be motivated? Motivation sometimes comes this way, you do not want to travel out of your country for work outside, and wish you know that it will help you when you do it, but you lacking motivation, then a friend came to the house to visit you, then in the process of talking you told him like, john, I was giving a job in London, but I do not want to take the job, because I do not want to go to London, then your friend says to you, john you are wasting your time, if I was the one I will take the job, that first motivation,, second one is this, what are you doing here now, do you like your life this way here in states, why don’t you take the job and be a man of yourself john, all this is motivation, in wish so many people lacks it in their life to be able to progress or move ahead with their life, so we all need a motivator sometimes and not all time.

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