Breaking Down The Steps Of The 12 Step Recovery Program

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    Feb 27, 2014
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The 12 step recovery program is the most used program by reformed addicts’ worldwide. It provides a sensible process that an addict can use at their own timing, when it is right for them. The guidelines are simple to understand and are straight forward, but that does not mean they are easy. In the 12 step program it demands dedication and a complete subservience to the program in order to see lasting results. Here is an overview of the 12 steps so you will be able to acknowledge if it is the right program for you to follow. The key to following the 12 steps is not to treat it as a checklist, but to view it as a lifestyle while you continue the pursuit to sobriety.

1. Honesty - This is the first step and the most important to begin the process of recovery. With being honest with yourself and others, you can begin to acknowledge your powerlessness you have to alcohol. This is the first step of uncovering years of denial and lies.

2. Faith - It is important to have faith in the 12 step program. By having faith in a higher power, you will believe in the possibility for a chance to recover - something that may seem impossible without faith.

3. Surrender - By surrendering yourself to a higher power, you are abolishing your self will. Your self will was the driving power of your addiction, so being able to surrender yourself is an important part of the recovery process.

4. Soul Searching - This is not a definitive event that you will experience - rather an ongoing on. Hence the reason why the 12 steps is to be used as a guideline rather than a checklist, some of the steps are ongoing and to be continued to be practiced over a long term period.

5. Integrity - Integrity is not something to be developed overnight. Rather, it is a trait that will take time to develop and practice in order to reach a respectable place. Once you have developed integrity, you will find personal growth to soar.

6. Acceptance - This step is designed to accept any of your personal defects. Once this is done, you will be able to accept letting go of the past and allowing room for future personal characteristics.

7. Humility - Humility is reached when you are comfortable asking for the guidance of a higher power. This is also related to succumbing and surrendering to a higher power, which is to be done in the earlier steps.

8. Willingness - Willingness is the process of making a list of those you have harmed during the depths of your addiction. It is when you decide to take responsibility of your wrong doings and make amends when willingness will be accomplished.

9. Forgiveness - In the process of forgiveness, this is not only seeking forgiveness for those you have wronged, but also forgiving yourself after a painful path in life.

10. Maintenance - Your spiritual progress is dependent on your ability to maintain your positive behavior. Do not forget that maintenance is part of the recovery process.

11. Making Contact - In this step, you will seek to understand the ultimate plan of the higher power, as you wish to know Him.

12. Service - The last step, this focuses on repeating the steps and productivity in whichever way it works for you, as long you are maintaining sobriety.

These are the essential steps in the 12 Step recovery program. Review carefully and work towards applying them to your life if you are seeking guidance program for sobriety.

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