The Law of Causation

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    Sep 07, 2012
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It is said that everything is empty and unreal, but the Law of Cause and Effect is unchangeable. Nothing is beyond the Law of Cause and Effect. Both Cause and Effect are closely related as they coexist mutually. A causal action becomes a consequential effect, and this effect in turn gives rise to another causal action. From this endless cycle, we can see that a particular causal action is not fixed. The combination of Cause and Effect forms a vicious cycle, that is, the cycle of reincarnation.

We cannot escape from the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death. We cannot achieve what we are hoping for. We are being parted from our beloved ones and we find ourselves in the presence of those whom we resent. Perhaps, no one is able to escape from this cycle of Birth and Death.

The little knowledge we may have in the principle and the reality of life is limited, which is far from complete. As a result, we commit causal actions and do not understand why they happened when the effect occurs later. Most of us do not feel that we are in the wrong. Instead, we blame others for causing us too much suffering. This in turn creates even more bad effects. Cause and effect are constantly being played out all around us. If we are unable to connect the occurrences, it is because we are too careless and not mindful enough, not knowing the true reality.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas understand that everything, every being, in this universe is subject to the Law of Cause and Effect. They understand that every causal action produces an effect. They also understand that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. Everything is an illusion and nothing can be attained. There is no real gain; there is no real loss.

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