Look Younger With These Awesome Anti Aging Tips

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Aging has always haunted people. You see yourself age every day and nothing can be done about it. Stopping the aging process is impossible, but you can look  younger if you want. Yes, looking younger than your actual age is possible.

Round the globe thousands of researchers are putting their heads down and coming up with fabulous remedies to overcome the signs of aging. The list of things that you can use as anti aging is long, but there are six things that can help the most. So what are they?


Eat well

Your eating habit determines the pace of your body and skin aging. Avoid oil, sugar and salt based food. No fried food. Try to have more vitamin B, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6. All these are very effective anti aging agents with very quick results.
Smoking also paces up the aging process so say "NO" to smoking.

Drink water

Drink water as much as you can. Try to keep your body hydrated all the time. Ideally drink six to eight glasses a day. You can use juice, but drinking plain water will serve the best with slowing down your aging signs.

Sleep well

Take full night and comfortable sleep. At least try to sleep for seven to eight hours a day. with your mind free.

Keep the stress away

Stress is the biggest reason for the aging signs. The anti aging tip here is keep the stress away. Relax and handle situations soberly. Always remember stress can aggravate the problem it can never solve it. Make your life stress free and see how fresh and young you will feel.


Add a lot of laughter in your life. It is interesting that those people who laugh look young than their age. Why is that? Well when you laugh the muscles of your face get regular exercise and exercise make them strong. This prevents the skin from getting wrinkled and muscles from getting loose. So laugh.

Protection from sunlight

Always protect yourself from sunlight. Sunlight affects the skin badly. Consult your dermatologist and get a sun block that suites your skin. Never reveal your skin to the sun directly. It is a rule all anti aging desirous must follow.

Every age has its own beauty. Still if you want to look younger it is possible all you have to do is add some healthy habits in your daily life. Try to be consistent with them and you will love the difference.

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