Demystifying Back Pain- Causes and Symptoms Of Back Pain

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    Nov 13, 2012
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People, who are above twenty, commonly face back ache issues. It is also usual for individuals with weigh problems to suffer back pain. The general symptoms include;

General symptoms of back ache:

  • Continuous pain in legs and back area
  • Having difficulty while bending yourself or to turn around
  • Back pain leading to hip section
  • Restless may also occur due to severe pain
  • Patient can also be suffered from fever due to pain


Reasons that cause back pain

There are many reasons  that lead to  back pain include the following .

  • Weakness is the vital factor among others but it may also lead to other diseases
  • Obesity is also the other main factor because over weight body cannot carry such heavy mass so weakens the muscles
  • Childhood injuries may also be one of the reasons because there is a disc fitted at every point of back bone in vertebrates, due to injury it might be affected and we suffer its outcomes later in life.
  • In young girls, it is prominent during monthly menstrual cycle
  • Regular constipation complications
  • Pregnancy may also temporary back pains
  • Due to sitting in a wrong position or working continuously on a computer may cause back aches
  • Other than that many traumas or cancers can be the aspect of having back aches

Measures to tackle back pain

  • Proper diagnosis of the root cause at an early stage is very essential
  • Consult a professional doctor or surgeon for the appropriate treatment of your disease
  • Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle like walking, exercising, jogging are the various ways to keep yourself fit and smart
  • Sit in straight position and do not bend too much in downwards position for long hours
  • Some pain killers may be taken for a quick relief to your back pains


Even though the above mentioned measures will be helpful for you to get some relief but still it is highly advisable to consult a professional doctor who can deal with your problem.

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