Improving Your Brain Circulation Will Add Energy & Vigor

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    Apr 21, 2013
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brain 4Orange and Grey Brain Anatomy Mini Hoop Art. Hand Embroidered.
brain 4Orange and Grey Brain Anatomy Mini Hoop Art. Hand Embroidered.
Photo by Hey Paul Studios

Are you losing your mind? Or perhaps, a better way of putting it is, are you losing the ability to think as clearly as you once did?

Do you find yourself forgetting everyday words, and saying things like, “Darling, can you get the glasses out of the …errr…um… big thing with a door and shelves that we keep the glasses in?” because you can’t bring the word “cupboard” into your head? Do you go upstairs and forget why you went upstairs? Do you go to the store and come back without the important thing you went there to buy? Do you forget the names of people you’ve known for years?

All these are normal signs of aging. But we don’t have to accept normal. This irritating and slightly frightening loss of memory and brain power doesn’t have to be “normal” at all.

Over time, our brains become less agile, less able to function, and less dependable. In fact, by the age of 55, the average person has lost a massive 50% of their brain power – that’s half the brain power that you had in your twenties.

The cause of this degeneration is three-fold; a loss of circulation of oxygen in the brain, attack on the brain cells by harmful free radicals, and a decline in the function of the neurotransmitters which pass information around in the brain. The solution for many people is the specialist brain circulation nutritional supplement, Procera AVH.

Procera AVH was developed over many years by leading brain expert and acclaimed clinical research scientist and medical author Joshua Reynolds of Brain Research Labs. Thousands of natural ingredients and combinations were tested on tens of thousands of volunteers, using acknowledged scientific methods and procedures. These tests have been validated in independent University trials. The results of the tests have been peer reviewed in scientific journals. This means that scientist have been able to independently confirm that Procera AVH is effective for many people in doing the things it claims to do.

Procera is a nutritional supplement which has a unique formula designed to care for the brain by improving brain circulation. It fuels, protects and looks after for the brain, allowing the brain to function the way it did when you were ten or fifteen years younger.

Procera AVH has been clinically shown to improve memory, mood, the ability to think clearly and understand, and the ability to concentrate and focus. Just imagine what a change that could make in your life! No longer will you feel as if your brain is letting you down. You’ll feel more positive, more confident, sharper, and have more get up and go. In fact, improving your brain circulation will add energy and vigor to your life.

If you’re retired you probably had a plan to do all sorts of things with that well deserved retirement time. But instead of learning a language, reading all those books you never got around to, taking up playing an instrument, volunteering, travelling and a host of wonderful things, maybe you find that you just don’t have the mental energy. Are you slumped in front of the TV watching Oprah instead of truly living your life, all because your brain isn’t functioning the way it used to?

Well, don’t let this precious time go to waste. Your brain is the body’s most important organ, and now is the time to give it special care, so that it’s in peak condition. This attention to the needs of your brain will give you the energy, concentration, confidence and mental power to do all those great things you planned.

The folks who make Procera AVH Brain Supplement also have some great support in the form of a book giving advice on techniques for sharpening up your brain, and also they offer diet suggestions for brain friendly food.

One of the best things about getting your brain in shape is that it elevates your whole mood. Instead of feeling that everything is just too hard, you’ll get back a whole lot of your youthful energy and optimism. Remember that lots of people have felt the way you do, and when they’ve tried Procera AVH, well, life has taking on a whole new and improved aspect for them.

So why not give it a try? There’s no need for you to spend your life feeling as if you are walking around in a brain fog. Your brain deserves only the very best nutrition, and Procera AVH is the USA’s number one nutritional supplement especially designed for the brain.


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