Fight Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery in New York City

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    Aug 22, 2013
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Fight Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery in New York City Photo by Richard Mccomas

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer all around the world and it has caused the death of millions. While it is still not very treatable in the later stages there are procedures that have a good chance of making it go into remission. One of these procedures is Mohs micrographic surgery. Skin Cancer NYC centers use this surgery as a way to eliminate the cancerous cells on the skin tissue so that they are gone forever. Mohs surgery allows for a high rate of curing the cancer and a narrow surgical margin without having to take off too much of the skin tissue. For those who have skin cancer this may be the best bet for getting rid of it once and for all.

Skin cancer Manhattan goes through all the necessary steps in Mohs surgery in order to make sure that it is done the best way. This surgery is a long and detailed process but it is very effective. First the surgeon will take a piece of the cancerous skin tissue that is just a few millimeters wide. A pathologist will examine this piece of tissue under a microscope and then map out any of the cancerous cells. The surgeon then will remove the cancerous cells from the tissue until that are is all done. This process is repeated until there are no more traces of cancer cells found in the body.

Mohs micrographic surgery does involve the patient to have to wait for long periods of time on the operating table in order for this procedure to finish. The pathologist that examines the skin tissue needs to be able to flatten it against a microscope slide and then add chemicals to it which will identify the cancerous cells. Once the process is over there is a chance of the areas of skin to be deformed. This can be fixed with reconstructive surgery that may be possible with the same surgeon that completes the Mohs surgery. Facial reconstruction is also another option for those that have skin cancer on their head or face. Skin cancer NYC offers the complete package of all these different types of surgeries and will be able to restore the area to near the way it was before the cancer.

In order to rid the skin tissue of cancer then Mohs micrographic surgery in NYC is the most complete way to do it. However, this surgery must be done before the cancer spreads throughout the body to other organs. If this happens then there is a definite need for other types of surgery that will be much more invasive. If there is any chance of skin cancer then it is important to talk to a dermatologist about it immediately to get a professional opinion. Whether it is a mole that has changed color or shape or a new mark on the skin it is crucial to speak with a doctor so that it does not get any worse. Mohs surgery is great at taking care of it in the early stages so do not let it get any further than that.

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