Myths Concerning Autism

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    Nov 13, 2012
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As the number of people diagnosed with autism steadily increases, so does the number of myths associated with this disorder. This is very common when it comes to disorders that people know very little about. Assumptions are made which are often false and unfounded.

People with Autism Can’t Lie
Autism is probably best known for the impact it has on social skills. Some people even believe that those who have autism cannot lie. While it is true that those who have autism have very limited capabilities when it comes to creating new concepts or fantasies, they can lie in order to avoid facing consequences. It is important to note that even though they can lie, it is often based on their perception rather than any other malicious intent.

Autism Causes a Lack of Emotion
There is no lack of emotion due to autism. As a matter of fact, many people who are autistic are quite emotional. The difference is that they often lack the ability to empathize. This should not be confused with the idea that those who are autistic do not care about people, because they do. They simply do not take on the emotions of others.

People Who Have Autism also Have Savant Syndrome
Although some people who have autism do have savant syndrome, not every person with autism is labeled as having savant syndrome. Savant syndrome is rare by comparison and only a small number of people who have autism also experience savant syndrome. Autism does cause an incredible ability to focus, which can lead to extreme amounts of knowledge in specific areas, but savant syndrome is not always the result.

As with all other people, those who are afflicted with autism should not be defined by this one single aspect of who they are. Mankind is prone to making false claims about people and things that they do not understand. As history has clearly shown, these types of assumptions can lead to unfounded prejudice.

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