Overcome Your Acne Condition With These Handy Tips

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    Nov 13, 2012
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A clean, spotless and fresh skin is your tool to impress anyone. It portrays your personality and provides a clear picture of yourself. But there is one hindrance which interrupts your beauty and that is “acne”. It is the appearance of pimples and dotted spots on your skin which is due to the blockage in follicles of the skin. There can be many reasons having this skin situation, this include;
Reasons for having acne problems

Over exposure to sun

  • Using too much oily foods and chocolates, or food with artificial colors and flavors
  • Stress is also a leading factor
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetic inheritance in your family
  • Infections caused due to the use of any specific medication

How to overcome acne concernsYou  can take some initiatives which can be fruitful for the reduction of acne on your skin. Keeping in mind that physical applications is not sufficient and beneficial until and unless, your inner health is in stable condition. Your psychological stability is pertinent to your acne strength. The following measures can help you control your acne problems:

  • Avoid oily food and junk food items because such foods increase the level of fats in your body which may block the follicles of skin, producing more pimples on your face.
  • Do not expose yourself to too much  sun light,  as it burns your skin layers making them thin  and therefore exposing it to  infections. If you have to go out in the sun, try to cover your face with a veil or anything.
  • Try to avoid using sunscreens which contain synthetic Lanolin as it is not a safe option.
  • Fragrant lotions and creams can also  put a harmful effect on your acne.
  • Medicines beyond expiry date are strictly prohibited on an acne-facing skin.
  • Typical facials with long procedures should be avoided; you should have a regular cleaning instead.

Any acne problem should be treated and handled with care otherwise it will leave unwanted marks which can leave affect your confidence and overall appearance.

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