Penis Aging - Avoiding the Tell-tale Signs

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    Jan 24, 2013
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Signs of maturity such as streaks of silver in the hair lend an air of dignity, and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can make a man seem pleasant, approachable and intelligent. On the other hand, there are some signs of aging that men would prefer to do without, especially when it comes to the appearance and function of the penis.

Fortunately, the aging process doesn’t have to impede enjoyment of sex, and it is possible to maintain a youthful penis well into the more mature decades with the right attention to care and grooming.

Common signs of penis aging:

 1.    Reduced erectile function – Impotence is often a man’s greatest fear when it comes to getting older, and with good reason. Testosterone levels tend to decrease as men age, and problems with circulation can contribute to loss of function. The weight gain that often comes along with a slower metabolic rate can also interfere with erectile ability.

Men can guard against loss of function by keeping their body weight to a reasonable level, getting plenty of heart-healthy exercise, and following a low-fat, low-sugar diet. Supporting the growth and repair of circulatory tissue with nutrients such as vitamin C and L-arginine can also have a beneficial effect in this area.

 2.    Loss of sensitivity – A lifetime of wear and tear to the skin of the penis tends to result in an accumulation of thicker dermal tissue, which is designed to protect the delicate workings underneath the skin, but can also come between sensory stimulation and the nerve cells. This can lead to loss of sensitivity, which may be compounded by circulatory issues in older men.

Moisturizing the skin and providing it with healing nutrients such as vitamin A can help to prevent keratinization of the outer dermal layers, as well as sloughing away unhealthy tissue and allowing new skin to form.

 3.    Bending or curving – Stress on the connective tissue of the penis due to aggressive masturbation or sex can lead to scarring, which in turn may result in bending, curving or shortening of the shaft. This can be a serious issue, causing painful erections and interfering with the ability to engage in sexual relations. Available solutions to this problem typically involve surgery, which creates the risk of impotence.

Taking care during sexual encounters and avoiding acrobatics is recommended, but not always feasible. Men can take steps to prevent scarring of the connective tissue and promote the growth of healthy new tissue with the right nutrition, including vitamins such as A, B5, C and  D.

 4.    Difficulty controlling urine stream/reduced ejaculatory volume – Another unwelcome sign of an aging penis is a scattered urine stream and reduced volume of seminal fluid on ejaculation. This is often caused by urethral damage, another effect of rough handling.

Here, again, adequate nutrient support is essential in preventing scarring and encouraging the formation of healthy new skin cells.

 5.    Wrinkled, dry appearance – As men age, the skin generally retains less moisture; it also has a tendency to thin and stretch, as well as losing its natural elasticity. All of this can lead to an unattractive, dry appearance which says “old” more emphatically than a crop of greying hair or a few crow’s feet can ever do.

In this case, the same science that applies to feminine anti-aging creams comes into play. Vitamin A, or retinol, has been used to stave off wrinkles on the face and hands for decades, and natural moisturizers such as shea butter can help to keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Vitamin E is also important in maintaining youthful skin, as it can help to prevent the thinning and translucent appearance that is associated with old age.

Rejuvenating the penis

Restoring a youthful appearance to the penis depends in part on nourishing the penile tissue with the right combination of healing vitamins, protein-building amino acids, and age-fighting antioxidants. A specially formulated penis nutrient formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may help to guard against infection, promote healthy circulation, smooth the skin and replenish its natural moisture, and boost the responsiveness of the nerve tissue.

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