The Children Playing Video Games Will Be Alright

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Children should only be allowed to play video games when they're old enough to understand the things going on in them as well as understanding the different moves and maneuvers that they can make a player do, since children are very impressionable it's important that they don't play any games that might invoke violence.

Allowing children to play violent video games can put them in a state of mind where the things that they see being done in the game is okay to do in real life and carry none of the consequences, most parents flip out when they see their 9 year old playing games like Grand Theft Auto which is definitely understandable because that child is being exposed to violence of the highest caliber which is something that child is not ready for yet.

Children at the ages of 7-10 should stick to playing games like Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart, children from the ages of 11-14 should be able to play games like Kingdom Hearts and Astro Boy the Video game. Children playing video games at the ages between 15-17 should be allowed to play video games like Resident Evil 4, God of War and Call of Duty. 18+ Sky's the limit.

Children should be restricted to playing games that are age appropriate so as to not expose them to too much to soon, it's okay that children play video games even at the tender age of 6 so they'll at least have some exposure to it. One of the biggest primary concerns is letting a child play a video game without worrying about any kind of long term effects. For example, it can be said that if a child plays a violent video game, the child is more than likely to become violent too and imitate the violent actions that are being illustrated in the game.

The possibility of this happening to the child can go either way depending on the child, this is why it's easier to sit a child in front of something that's on the child's level and that's violence free. In conclusion, children being allowed to play video games should only play video games that are age appropriate because  the less they know about the advanced games before they're ready, the better and better for the parent too.

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