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    Oct 06, 2012
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Hello everyone

I have been using interesting articles for the past two months now and I think it is amazing.

Why Use It:

The reason why I think you should use this website is because you get free things. DUHH! You get ten points for each article published. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for things you want. They have very cool things for you to save up points for. Its not just Amazon gift cards, they have Apple products and kindles also.  It is very good to use this website.

How can they benefit:

They get benefit because of the articles you post. Obviously, they are not going to just hand out ipads and Mac books. It is still a business. You post a article, someone likes it, and they can post it on their website/blog. This means that a lot of users will come to the website, and this creates traffic which the website owners can use to generate income.  In return for your rticles, you get points, which you can redeem for great things. Try it out, it won't hurt.

What does it cost me?

This website will not cost you a penny. In the signup process, they do not even ask you for your credit card. They will never charge you a penny. This website is great. You get great rewards for just writing articles.

What kind of articles do I write?:

You can write just about anything you want. There is no specific topic. You just pick a topic that seems interesting to you. I am doing one right now. Make sure you have enough to say because you must fill the 300 word minimum to make your article pass through the publishing process. Don't pick a topic that you cannot talk about much. And it must be original - don't copy!

To sum it up, this website is great for free rewards. Don't spend $500 for the ipad. Spend 2-3 months to get points and get it for free. I spend less than an hour a week to get my points and I rack up a couple hundred points a month. This may not seem a lot, but will add up. You can do more!

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