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    Aug 28, 2012
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Whether you're a professional writer and want to maintain your income in between jobs, or write as a hobby and want to make some extra cash, there are several ways to make money writing online. Considering your creativity and interests could help you land the writing job you want.

One fun way to earn money from writing is to start a blog on a subject you enjoy writing about. Of course, you won't make hundreds of dollars right away from your blog, but you can make money by putting ads on the blog. The advertisements will make you money--you'll receive a portion of the profits from the companies advertising on your blog each time a customer purchases a product advertised on your blog. You can also get paid to contribute to someone else's blog. Some well-established blogs will pay writers a set price per blog. Or, you will be paid with a revenue share system and get paid based on page views.

Writing SEO articles for article databases can also bring in significant income for you. These articles are easy to find on search engines, because they are formatted with certain keywords that make them show up high on search engine results lists. Companies like Yahoo Voices and accept writers that know how to write on particular topics to produce articles that readers looking for information will find useful.

If you know how to write professional documents like business proposals or plans, press releases, or professional bios, you can charge clients for these writing services as well. You can advertise your services online via your Facebook or Twitter pages, or place ads on websites like Craigslist so that potential clients can get in touch with you and utilize your writing skills. Of course, telling your friends and family about the work you do can also drum up more business for you as a budding (or established) writer.

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