Copywriting and Penguin Heaven or Hell

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    Sep 03, 2012
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Google Penguin and copywriters – Is this a situation made in heaven or in hell? This answer will depend on two things, the copywriter that you talk to and their adaptability to change. When the Penguin update was released, a lot of websites took a direct hit from this algorithm. Copywriters and webmasters scrambled to catch up and re-write content to meet the new standards. Some have been left scratching their heads in puzzlement  trying to figure Penguin out while others have taken advantage and been able to re-rank in Google.

The Google Penguin is slanted towards a less keyword optimized copy and more towards organic results. While the problems of keyword stuffing that happened in the past are  not as relevant today, copywriters still need to  be careful of overusing keywords and watch the percentages. The W3C had previously mandated changes in SEO and keywords towards a more organic slant, so the presentation of Google Penguin can be seen as a direct result of that.

Nevertheless, change is a constant in the business of copywriting and the ability to adapt is crucial in order to keep up with the changing trends and faces of Google and SEO in general. It may take a bit more work to deal with the Penguin changes, but overall, most copywriters will be able to adapt their companies and their copywriting accordingly.

It certainly can be frustrating with the new rules in place, to know what the right way to SEO optimize your web site or content with the Penguin update. However, it can be done. Consider optimizing not for SEO but for more organic content and use keywords that will suit your text. Another tactic could be to utilize less used keywords in order to rank higher. It sounds counter-intuitive to do this, but what have you got to lose?

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