Difference Between An Online Copywriter And Content Writer

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    Apr 08, 2014
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Difference Between An Online Copywriter And Content Writer Photo by John  Kholi

Let us understand the meaning of writing copy, or 'copywriting' as it is commonly known, before we proceed with understanding the difference between an Online Copywriter and a Content Writer. Writing copy is usually done in the fields of advertising and marketing. It is written with one simple intention; and that is: To gain active participation of customers in buying products online. Content writing is writing content in bulk, which has detailed information about products, brands, clients and business.

Writing copy online is very different from writing copy offline. Generally, the life of offline advertising is longer, as compared to online advertising; hence, the copy for offline advertising can be longer and more elaborate. The life of online advertising is short; people scroll through a page and glance over the headlines, and only the most attractive headline wins a full read. Sometimes, these headlines gain attention because of the topic being talking about. Most of the times, it scores a full read because of the expert skills of copywriters. They write copy in a such a way that people can't help but notice it, and then go through the entire write-up. A writer who prepares online content, is an expert in writing blogs and articles. An elaborate description about the products, brands or clients is written to provide detailed information to the customers.

The tree of online writing has many branches. Online writers have a lot of things on their plate, like social media, search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, articles for E-magazines, writing content for client's websites, etc. A website content writer specializes in writing content for online mediums, and shows his/ her maximum creativity and diversity as a writer. The client gives a briefing about what he/ she expects for their website and what their products are all about. The job of a writer here, is to write content that convinces customers to visit the client's website regularly, and buy products immediately. Gaining loyalty from customers and bringing life to the products available online, is what a writer who writes content for the website does.

Earlier, I spoke about posts/ blogs/ Ezine articles, that are part of online content. Let us understand the exact meaning of these terms. Writing posts is a common term that people these days are well versed with. Use of social networking sites have explained the exact meaning of writing posts. This is one of the jobs of an online writer, who specializes in handling social media. It is important for him/ her to write posts that attract the attention of their target audience, within 2-3 seconds. The copy has to be precise and witty, to leave a lasting impact on the target audience. Writing a post is part of the copywriting service that is offered by online writers. This falls under copywriting, because copy is written in limited words, and is mostly direct and to the point. It is written to make an impact within 2-3 seconds, and leave a positive impression on the reader.

Blog is a term that is commonly used, but not many people know its exact meaning. Blogs are of various types: Personal blogs, Professional blogs, Hobby blogs, Travel blogs, etc. Writing a personal blog is like writing a personal diary, that can be viewed by many. This is the place where aspiring writers or well-established writers pour out their ideas and thoughts, through their writing to showcase their writing skills and express their opinions. Corporate blogs are written by writers in order to gain more clients/ customers. It is a place where prospective clients can come and check the writing style of any writer, before hiring him/ her. Blogs are not necessarily all about writing. Photography blogs are also quite popular these days, where people express their views and ideas with the help of pictures.

Ezine articles are written in E-magazines. These articles are on various topics and possess 'keywords' to help optimize their search. These keywords make it easy to search these articles quickly, and to stay on high priority in the list of articles. Both these services, Blogs and Ezine articles, fall under the category of content writing services. These services have length and volume to their content. People read them at leisure, and they are more informative. So, writing copy and content are two very different concepts, and polished skills by expert writers are required to give justice to either of these two writing styles.


John Kohli is an expert online copywriter. He also has a vast knowledge about content writing and he educates  people about these terms, through his articles.

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