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    Sep 06, 2012
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Last weekend, I was at a business meeting, and we had to stay in Radisson. Radisson is a great place to stay for a hotel room. But it is a quite small hotel. The rooms are quite small if you do not live in a suite. I was in a suite for 2 days and 3 nights. So today's review will be about the suite. The suite is not as much appealing as I thought it would be. There is only 2 beds. I had to share a bed.. YUCK! I mean last time, I had 4 beds in a suite and we each got our own room. 4 people in 2 beds all men. I mean there is 2 bathrooms, which was kind of a relief. I can stick with sharing a bathroom, not a bed, with a male.

Service was okayish I could say. It was not the greatest, such as most other hotels, but it was nice. When I order food, it comes like an hour later. It usually takes 10-15 min max. in other hotels I have been to. They also don't clean your room properly and leave out lots of things. Once they did not refill the toilet paper, the soap, or the coffee. I was pretty mad about that. I had to wait another half an hour to get it up to our suite.

I am not going to lie, but the food was disgusting. It tasted like airplane food-YUCK! It was a traditional continental breakfast, but there was absolutely nothing to eat. There was coffee, donuts(which ran out the first half of the breakfast time), and tea. So basically, all I got was coffee. So we had to all go out to dunkin donuts to go eat some breakfast. The food I did have, which was macaroni and cheese, tasted like plastic macaroni.

This is one of the hotels I will probably not plan on going again. 

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