Emirates Airlines- Good or Bad? Read and Find Out

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Emirates Airlines, is one of the best airlines on earth. It is very comfortable, where ever you go, it is very roomy, and great service. No matter how bad you think other airlines are, if you go on Emirates, you will change your mind and always want to fly, in fact live on the Emirates plane.

Starting with service, there is no criticizing because it is so perfect. Their service is not only 5 star maybe 6 star. They come really fast if not instantly if the airline employees are called. They serve you like they are your mother and father and you are their children. They speak very clearly and they will comfort you and every single way they can. They will never deprive you of something you need. You want some chocolate, just ask and they bring you a bag of chocolates. If you need water, unlike some airlines, they give you a decent sized water bottle. It is not very big, but it will be sufficient for a thirst quencher considering it is a flight.

Comfort is just as amazing as service, in fact better. I would consider the comfort 6 stars. Their comfort is awesome. The middle rows have so much leg room. It feels like you are on 1st class even though you are in economy class. If you look at the 1st class suites, they are amazing. You get your own little sink and a bed. It is amazing to sleep on it. I think they look more comfy then our beds at home. The seats are very cushioned and very comfortable. They have nice pillows and a warm tidy blanket also, that will put you to bed like a baby.

All in all, I think Emirates Airlines is a really good airlines to go on if traveling internationally. 

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