Driving While Safe

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Have you ever wondered why you hear so many traffic problems, high way accidents, and other accidents every day on the news? This is because people want to be quick and get to their destination without and stops. But we all know that there is law and order in the United States. So if you speed, you will either get into an accident, or get a ticket. There is a rare chance you will make it to your destination. So in this article, I will be giving you tips to drive safely. You will learn the correct way to drive, and make sure that you will not get a ticket every day just for speeding or passing a traffic light.

-NEVER EVER TEXT while you are driving in the car.
-There is nothing more important then your life and the other people in the car with you.
-If it is absolutely necessary to text message back, you can stop on the side if you really need to. You can finish the text message and get back to driving.
-ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE-you will kill yourself and others
-Always keep your seatbelt on and make sure everyone else in the car has a seat belt on. This will keep you safe from sudden breaks and keep you from going through the wind shield and break your skull.
-Try to stay out of distractions such as talking because it will keep your mind on something else, and you just might pass a traffic light when it is on red. This can cause a major accident or just a police ticket. Either way, you will feel guilty yourself. your mind should always be on the road and never wonder somewhere else.
-Keep both hands on the steering wheel because you never know if one hand slips and you turn a different direction, flying into a car.

Follow these tips and drive safely. 

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