How to Write Great Articles for any Online Business Owner

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    Oct 26, 2012
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This article looks at how to improve your article writing skills. There are some easy general guidelines that apply to writing articles for your web site or to distribute in article directories, or to post to your blogs. Follow these guidelines and you'll be writing great articles before you know it!

Articles are a great marketing tool for businesses to use on their websites.  Articles usually fall in to one of two categories - sales or education.  Sales articles are openly selling the products and services of the business, while education articles are sources of useful information for users.  For a complete guide to writing and distributing articles, read this ebook.

When it comes to writing your articles, they need to have a purpose, attract readers and be well written.  The following checklist outlines all the requirements of a successful article.  Complete the checklist for each article you write to ensure it will achieve your goals.

    Who is the target market for this article?
    What is the purpose of this article?
    If it is a sales tool, does it:
o    Describe pain or pleasure (the biggest motivators of purchases)?
o    Guide the sales process?
o    Reinforce the benefits of using your business?
    If it is an education tool, does it:
o    Provide educational information for the target audience?
o    Address real challenges that your audience may face?
o    Use simple, non-technical language?
    Does the article have at least three hyperlinks within it to sections of your site or other articles?
    Does the article have a catchy headline to attract the target audience?
    Is the first paragraph enticing enough to make the audience was to read the full article?
    Is the body of the article structured in a logical order?
    Is there only one idea per paragraph in the article?
    Is the conclusion just a summary of the article, with no new ideas introduced?
    Is the spelling and grammar correct and has the article been proofead?
    Is the article formatted well, including:
o    Different formatting for the headline
o    Font is readable and easy on the eye (10 or 12 point)
o    Short paragraphs
o    Hyperlinks look 'clickable'
o    Plenty of white space to break up the text

If you use this list for all your articles, you can be sure that they will be high-quality and professional and will strengthen your brand and increase leads and sales.

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