Jet Airways Good Or Not? Find Out

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Jet Airways, is a pretty good way to fly, as long as you don't go very short distances. If going short distances, such as domestic flights, the flight is very boring and there is no entertainment. The seats are very small and very uncomfortable to sit on for more than 2 hours long. These flights need to be remade to get more leg room also. I will talk about some of the things in this airline. One thing is their service. Their service is about 4.5- almost 5 star service. If you call them, they don't take much time to come either. Only thing I would criticize about their service is that they don't let a person sleep. If a person is asleep and it is time for a meal, they personally wake you up, just to give you food.

Now about their food. Their food is almost-completely awful. Well I cannot blame them because all airplane food is disgusting. They give more coffee than water. I asked for water, and they gave me a teacup size to drink in and their tea cups are like 1/4 a cup. So food wise, it is awful. Next is comfort. For comfort, it all depends where you are going. If you are going from New York to Virginia or New York to Michigan, which is barely a 2-3 hour flight, your comfort level will be way down. Now if you are going from New York to Belgium, or California to Belgium, the comfort level will be pretty high. There is almost enough leg space to spread your legs. There is also a nice sack by your feet to put your things in or put your feet in. They have a small tv right in front of you. Now if you go to premiere class on Jet Airways, you will always be comfortable.

Overall, this airline is pretty good, as long as you travel long distances. 

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