Foods That Help Increase Breast Size

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    Jun 28, 2013
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Mannequin boobs are getting bigger
Mannequin boobs are getting bigger
Photo by Paul Lowry

Getting bigger and fuller looking breasts is a fantasy for millions of women around the world. Apart from the many popular options available such as undergoing implant surgeries and using supplements and creams etc, there is now an extremely natural alternative to get fuller breasts without any dangers of side effects.

Hormonal imbalance is known to be one of the reasons that affect the size of your breasts. Estrogens are the female hormone responsible for making your body more rounded and your breasts bigger. But if your body produces extra testosterone, that is the male hormone, this might hamper breast growth.

There are plenty of foods to help increase breast size as they are rich sources of estrogens, which are in fact a naturally occurring substance.

A list of these is given below:

Go Green: Include Asparagus, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Legumes, Carrots, Onion, Green Beans, Spinach, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Beetroot in your diet to enjoy the benefits of vitamins and minerals that help regulate testosterone levels in your body.
Go Fruity: Strawberries, Apples, Orange, Pears, Plums, Blueberries, Peaches, Cherries, Grapefruit, Pears, Kiwi Papaya, Dates and Pomegranates are estrogens rich fruits which not only strengthen your immune system but form foods that help increase breast size naturally.

Go Wholesome: Whole grains such as barley, brown rice and oats also possess a high level of natural estrogens compound which increases the bust size. Additionally include walnuts, almonds, garlic, corn and ginger rich in bromine and manganese which enhance your bust size naturally.

Go Good Fats: Since your breast is made up of fatty tissues, you can also incorporate healthy mono-unsaturated fats in your diet such as olive oil, avocado oil, raw nuts, flax seeds and flax seed oil, linseed oil, and sesame seed and sesame seed oil which are breast enhancing foods.

Go Healthy: Some food items and herbs can not only promote healthy organs, but prevent sudden mood changes and boost your immune system like chickpeas, kidney beans, split peas, parsley, lentils, fennel, fenugreek and wild yams. While soy is also rich in protein, dairy products such as milk and yogurt are great sources of essential hormone.

Also while you augment the intake of foods to help increase breast size, remember to reduce your daily intake of carbohydrates rich diet or junk food, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks, while increasing the intake of water. You will be surprised how these small changes in your everyday life can make a remarkable change in your bust size as well as your overall figure.

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