Find A Good Gynaecologist In Melbourne And You Can Stay Healthy

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    Aug 27, 2013
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Find A Good Gynaecologist In Melbourne And You Can Stay Healthy Photo by Catrin Louise

Finding a good gynaecologist in Melbourne is important as is this is a critical area of women’s health, there are some particular issues that arise in this part of the body that only a well trained gynaecologist can help with.

So why would you go and see a gynaecologist? A good gynaecologist can help you understand your body and how to care for it, establish what is normal for you so you can notice any problem changes, like signs of a vaginal infection, allow the doctor to find problems early so they can be treated or kept from getting worse, explain what a normal vaginal discharge should look like and what could be a sign of a problem and teach you how to protect yourself if you have sex.

So when do you need to go and see one?  If you have ever had sex (vaginal, oral, or anal) or intimate sexual contact, it has been three months or more since your last period and you haven’t gotten it again, you have stomach pain, fever, and fluid coming from your vagina that is yellow, gray, or green with a strong smell — all of which are possible signs of a serious condition called pelvic inflammatory disease(pid), you are having problems with your period, like a lot of pain, bleeding heavily, or bleeding for longer than usual, you have not gotten your period by the age of 15 or within three years of when your breasts started to grow, you’ve had your period for two years and it’s still not regular or comes more than once a month or if you are having sex and missed your period.

There are a number of different qualities to look for in a good gynaecologist, first up most women want another woman, so this should be something you consider. Most ladies feel far more comfortable talking to another woman about these issues and being relaxed is vital during a medical consultation.

Also training is vital, so make sure that she has all the right qualifications. Equally important is that she belongs to the leading gynaecological organisations and associations as this means that she will be up to date on all the latest research.

By finding the right doctor you can get the right help and stay healthy in life. Don’t leave it until it is too late, find one now before you have any problems and you can stop them before they happen.

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