5 Alcohol Rehab Tips for Success

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    Aug 30, 2014
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5 Alcohol Rehab Tips for Success Photo by Willie Albert

Alcohol rehab is never an easy proposition. It involves breaking down barriers that have been built up over the course of many years. The chances are you have looked at alcohol and drug rehab clinics in the past. Whilst you will always get the help of qualified professionals at these locations, you still have to play your part in your rehabilitation. In this article, we are going to provide you with five useful tips for success in rehab clinics. Read on to find out more!

1.Set Little Goals : If your goal is to wake up one morning and stay sober, this is never going to happen. You will only overwhelm yourself with the enormity of the task. No, you have to set yourself smaller goals and accomplish them over an extended period. These little goals could simply involve not visiting the local shop that day, or purposely staying away from the alcohol section. Little things like this can lead to big changes throughout your life.

2.Consolidate Your Support Network : Few alcoholics have ever managed to beat their addictions without outside help. There is nothing wrong with this. It is not a sign of weakness and it is not a burden on others. They are there to help you. They want to see you come out of your addiction as a new person. Your support network should be a circle of friends and family members, along with professionals who have experience in beating addictions. Always make sure you have someone available to see both in-person and over the phone.

3.Find a Source of Inspiration : Inspire yourself and change your mind-set by finding some source of inspiration. This could be a picture of someone you look up to or something from your childhood. It is designed as an anchor point. Anchor yourself to a place where drugs and alcohol do not exist. It is about knowing where you are going during your darkest moments. A source of inspiration will always help you to combat negative thoughts.

4.You Don't Want It : Get used to the idea that you will not succeed all the time. Sometimes you will relapse emotionally. You will want to go back to your old ways again. Alcohol rehab clinics deal with this all the time. They may be relapses, but these relapses are also an emotional relapse. You will not always pick up the bottle again, but you will start to question whether this is right for you. Prepare for it now to increase your chances of success.

5.Rehab isn't the End : Do not make the mistake of seeing rehabilitation as the end of the process. Alcoholism is a lifelong struggle that you will always have to deal with. There will always be the risk of you relapsing again. Moreover, this is not something to be afraid about. Make sure you get local referrals to support groups that can step in when you need it. You can get a list of these from your GP. Even if you do not need them, the knowledge that they are there if you run into trouble is an extremely powerful recovery technique.

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