3 Ways to Sell Your Property Faster Without Lowering the Price

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    Dec 18, 2013
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3 Ways to Sell Your Property Faster Without Lowering the Price Photo by John Nicholson

We are told that the housing market is on the up and that house prices are eventually starting to climb once again. So now is perhaps the time to starting thinking about changing your property especially if you are looking to upgrade, as house prices tend to rise as a percentage across the board meaning that the more a house is worth the larger the gap will grow over time between a cheaper home. However, before you can move into a new home you need to sell your current one so you might want to take a tip or two from here to help you do just that.

1.Forget all that stuff about brewing fresh coffee to make your house feel homely and clean the place up. This might sound obvious but you would be amazed how many houses are put on the market and shown to clients without even a modicum of effort put in to showing them at their best. Get rid of any clutter and store it out of site in the loft or even hire some storage space. With just the bare minimum of furniture on show your rooms look larger and all together more inviting. A cluttered space does not make a house look comfy and homely, it makes it look untidy and badly looked after, so clean the place up.

2.Some properties will need to be in pristine condition if they are going to sell for the right price. There might be lots of other similar properties on the market and you need yours to stand out from the crowd and, therefore, it is time to consider refurbishment  would be a prime example as a place where this would usually be a good idea. If a developer is looking to buy your place, put in a new bathroom and kitchen and sell it for twice what they paid for it, then perhaps you should think about doing this yourself.

3.You might really love the way one pink wall looks against the other green one, but when you are selling a property you are not selling your personality. If you have decided to give your home a “quirky” look by choosing off the wall colors then you should paint them back to normal whites and creams before putting any photographs online. If a potential buyer wants to paint their wall pink then they will decide to do so, after they have bought your property and if they want a blank canvas to work on then you have given them just that.

These are simple rules that will help but remember you are selling a lifestyle so tell viewers how much the kids loved it here, how great the schools are and what a picture the garden is in the summer. Try not to comment on how bad the parking is or what a “character” the neighbor is and keep smiling. You will be moving to that bigger house in no time.

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