Pool Opening Things to Consider

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    Feb 17, 2014
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Pool Opening Things to Consider Photo by James Pooler

Planning to have your own swimming pool in Somerset? Then you’re at the right place. Here you’ll find the basic information required to make your pool opening in Somerset a successful one. In the United Kingdom, a swimming pool shell construction requires a building permit under the Building regulations. It is therefore advisable to consult your local authority, and also the water supply company as there may be special requirements. Let’s get into the topic.

Basic Requirements for all Swimming Pools

- The pool’s floor and walls must be structurally sound.
- The shell (floor and walls) must be watertight against loss of water when the pool is full or partially full.
- The internal surface of the shell must be finished with a smooth, reasonably impervious, easily cleaned and attractive material. The water must be maintained at a proper standard of purity and clarity.
- A walkway of width minimum 1.5 m, with a non-slip, easily cleaned and durable surface should be provided around the pool.
- A safety step should be provided on the walls of pools used by young children and non-swimmers.

Open-air Pools for Private Houses

For open-air pools for private houses, the following points should receive consideration.

- You should select a position which receives as much sun as possible, particularly in afternoon.
- The vicinity of large trees should be avoided. This is because; tree roots can cause damage to foundations, and to drains and other pipelines.
- Consider the position of existing drainage, water supply, electricity and gas supply lines is important.
- It is advantageous to utilise a natural wind-break, such as a thick hedge, garden wall, or part of the main building, and if it does not exist, to provide one as part of the landscaping.
- Landscaping of the area in which the pool is to be located should be given careful thought and professional advice is usually worthwhile.

Shape and Dimensions of Swimming Pools

The primary use of the pool will be major factor in determining both shape and dimensions. For instance, if the primary use is for training and swimming, then a rectangular shape is normally chosen. The length should be a simple fraction of 100m, and the width a number of swimming lanes which are usually to be 2.0m wide. The materials used in the construction of the pool shell will also influence its shape.

Apart from all these, there are other factors which must be considered for a successful pool building. For this you can, seek help of pool service provider in Somerset. They will guide you in all the process.

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