Life is just Beginning : Episode 1

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    Sep 06, 2012
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LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING : Episode 1 by Ghairo Daniels

Today the sun shines on the rooftops outside. The lagoon is still and clear. It is springtime. Hornets’ nests hang in bulges on tree branches delighted with new weight while the rusty Woodpecker makes conversation with the Ladida in the driveway.

Each new blade of grass ever changes its cellular dance. My bits of skin flakes attach themselves to my vest with the last micro-chip of electricity left before it falls onto the carpet to be vacuumed. Dead.  Making way for new life. New skin from the avocado I had last night – blessed it for giving up its life for me. Then the loquat bends towards my lips to be picked and tasted. It is a beginning. Absolutely fresh. Nothing alive now ever existed before in exactly the same way. Yet it seems the same. Absolutely not. The Divine is not still for one millionth of a second.

I hold the micro-scope of my pupils closer, zoom onto the pond outside. The wooden bridge is about to collapse, its wood rotting from the overflowing pond. We have had good rains from the heavens this winter while I nearly sobbed  with  cold without electricity. Life is just beginning in this very moment as I touch this keypad, listening to a lawn-mower outside. Blissed out with Divine Love. .

How can energy dance, yet standstill ? How can a house have an aura ? Do the inanimate  move as well ? The questions tumble from lips in the meditation room. Then over a wire someone whispers, ‘I have no answers, only questions.’ The questions are about blood.

Energy dances when vision is clear and our hearts purified with love. We see through the materiality of the object. We enter the wall and touch the essence of the house and know that this house is solid, clean, ordered. That house has movement, clarity, a sure sparkling relaxed and duty-bound freedom.

An inanimate crystal on the windowsill sits still, bathed in sunlight. It moves not like the guinea-fowl outside, yet its vibration is as alive, touching, it changes its inner form, gently, a powerful healing tool. Thank You God for crystals. They ground us, protect us, keep us safe, layer upon layer within the womb of Mother Earth.

As the question is asked, the answer is formed because the question contains within it the answer. We only ask the question to peel the skin and chew the answer. Then when we swallow the answer, it already asks a new question – like this orange I have just eaten. The vitamin C will play violin with the MSG I had yesterday in my Fritos. Then flush, flush, down the toilet pot, into the drainage system as I remember to say thank you, Drainage System, for so effortlessly taking my garbage away.
The question about blood ? Dried blood only gives rise to red fresh new blood. There is no other way. We spiral upwards with each new liter of blood we have given up. Life is just beginning.    

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Spiritual Answers to How can energy dance yet standstill ? How can a house have an aura ? Do the inanimate move as well ?

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