When Unwanted Erections Rear their Heads Hints for Hiding the Goods

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    Jul 18, 2013
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When Unwanted Erections Rear their Heads Hints for Hiding the Goods Photo by John Dugan

While guys tend to pride themselves on their ability to get an erection on call, this same issue can become problematic when a woody shows up uninvited at the wrong time. Many a man has been surprised by a spontaneous arousal at an inconvenient moment that has left him twisting, turning, and contorting himself to avoid detection of the unwanted erection.

On the bright side, an eager penis is generally a healthy penis, and with a little forethought and a few strategies (literally) at hand, men can either disguise the evidence or get rid of the unwanted erection, at least until he is free and clear to resolve the matter in a more pleasant fashion.

Think unhappy thoughts. Erections often start in the mind, and a man who is entertained by tantalizing images or naughty thoughts will often experience a very physical response to his secret imaginings. The opposite can also be true, so when a spontaneous stiffy shows up, thinking of less pleasant or exciting things can put a damper on the furnace fairly quickly. Picturing an angry boss, a looming deadline, or the wife’s book club meetings can quickly cause an erection to subside.

Avoid tight clothing. Another trick to dealing with the evidence is just to cover it up. Hipster jeans may look great and do a good job of highlighting the quads, but on the other hand, they leave little to the imagination. Looser trousers or a long shirt - untucked - can do a better job at shielding a perky penis from view.

Get a grip. While considering roomier wardrobe options, it’s a good idea to choose pants with pockets. Guys often have their hands in their pockets anyway, so it is not likely to be noticeable if he grabs hold of an unruly manhood and holds it against his body to eliminate the pup-tent effect. Of course, this approach should be carried out carefully to avoid further stimulation.

Ice the flames. Erections occur because the pertinent body parts are filled with blood; so it stands to reason that redirecting the blood supply will help to calm things down. Grabbing something really cold and holding it close to the abdomen will trigger a rush of blood to warm the body’s core, easing the erection almost right away.

Walk it off. On the same principle as icing, exercise can also redirect blood flow to the limbs and heart in order to keep up with the increased need for oxygen in the large muscle groups. In addition, moving around with purpose signals the brain that it is not, in fact, time for an encounter, and the brain will pass the message along.

Specialized care for the equipment

While there are times when an erection is an inconvenience, there are plenty of other occasions where a woody is perfectly welcome. When these encounters occur, it’s best to be ready and waiting with a healthy penis that looks, feels, and especially smells pleasant and inviting. Washing carefully is the first step to a hygienic and responsive penis; but this should be carried out as gently as possible to avoid irritation and a raw, unhealthy appearance. Using warm water and the fingertips, and possible a mild, hypoallergenic cleanser, men should wipe away any accumulated grime and bodily secretions, then rinse thoroughly. The penis skin should be allowed to dry before covering it with clothing to discourage the development of odor-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms.

After the skin is clean and dry, a penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is enriched with penis-specific nutrients and natural, plant-based emollients can help to keep the skin soft, supple, and responsive, as well as helping to control odors and reduce the risk of fungal infections.

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