Penis Enhancement Myths and Truths

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    Aug 08, 2014
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Penis Enhancement Myths and Truths Photo by John Dugan

Given the level of emphasis that so many men place on the size of their penis, it is not surprising that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of products available that claim the ability to increase the length and girth of the member. Whether or not these devices, supplements, and techniques really work is a matter of heated debate, leaving men wondering about the truth of the matter. The bottom line is that men should never take these claims at face value, regardless of their seeming logic. Instead, they should turn to their doctor before attempting to any of these, especially since some have been shown to have a negative effect on penis health. In the meantime, some of the common claims about penis size are discussed here, along with the underlying facts.

Myth: An erect penis should be about 9 inches long, on average.

Truth: Very few penises actually reach a length of 9 inches or more, even when fully erect. Furthermore, most men who believe they have a small penis are actually of average size - about 2-5 inches when flaccid, and 5 to 7 inches when erect.

Myth: Men with bigger penises have better sex.

Truth: In fact, penis size has nothing to do with sexual pleasure, either for the man or for his partner; it really is all about the technique. Many women also find sex with men who have an exceptionally large penis to be somewhat uncomfortable, while a smaller member is more than sufficient to reach the g-spot and provide pleasure.

Myth: Men can increase their penis size through manual stretching techniques.

Truth: Exercise techniques that involve manually stretching the penile tissue hand-over-hand have been claimed to increase the size of the penis by lengthening the muscles and increasing blood flow to the area. Few verifiable studies have been carried out showing any positive results for these exercises, and there is some risk of bruising and scarring that can lead to loss of sensation and deformity.

Myth: Certain pills, lotions and herbal remedies can increase the size of the penis.

Truth: So far, there is no scientific evidence that any medications or supplements, whether taken orally or topically, have any effect on the length or girth of the penis. Furthermore, substances like this may interact with prescription or other medications, so it is extremely important to talk to a qualified doctor before using them.

Myth: Men can increase their penis size through mechanical measures.

Truth: There are a variety of products such as rings, traction devices and vacuum pumps that supposedly increase the size of the penis, but again, there is little research-based evidence that these really work, and there is a risk of scarring, vein thrombosis, and loss of sensation for men who use them.

Myth: Surgery is guaranteed to increase the size of the penis.

Truth: There are controversial surgical techniques that involve supposed lengthening of the penis that involve cutting the ligament where the penis attaches to the body. While men who undergo the procedure may gain up to ½ inch in length, there is no guarantee that the results are lasting, and there is a risk of pain, scarring, deformity and loss of function.

So what are the options?

While it is wise to approach any of these techniques with extreme caution, there are other, safer options for men who simply want a healthy, responsive and appealing member:

1) Lose weight. A penis that is overshadowed by a looming belly naturally appears smaller, and excess body fat can also accumulate in the pubic area, resulting in less visible penile length. Shedding the extra pounds really can make the manhood appear up to an inch longer, not to mention the other health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.

2) Trim the hair. Keeping the surrounding hair shorter again means that more of the penis is visible, and therefore appears longer.

3) Invest in a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product like this will not affect penis size or even make it look bigger. What it can do is improve the overall look and feel of the penis, and in men who have lost sensation due to rough handling, sensitivity may be improved. A penis that looks healthy and supple can give a man a boost of confidence and help him to appreciate the equipment he was born with.

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