Penis Rash Triggers - Four Common Causes of Penile Breakouts

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    Feb 11, 2013
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Penis Rash Triggers - Four Common Causes of Penile Breakouts Photo by John Dugan

For men with an itchy, red, uncomfortable penis rash, relief can't come quickly enough. The bumps are unsightly, and the niggling itch doesn't seem to abate no matter how much a guy might scratch. Unfortunately, rashes in intimate areas can spring from many sources, and each different rash type may require a slightly different approach to penis care.

A doctor is best qualified to determine the source of the discomfort and provide appropriate relief, but in the interim, learning more about what tends to cause skin eruptions might help. Armed with this knowledge, a man will be in a good position to help his doctor combat the rash and restore the skin to good health.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Of all penis rash causes, STDs are probably the most frightening to contemplate, and men with outbreaks of red bumps often scour their memory banks, trying to remember if they've had sex with an infected partner in the recent past. Condoms can provide protection from some STDs, but some areas of the skin are still exposed even with protection, allowing infectious agents to slip through.

A quick swab at the doctor's office could help to diagnose an STD, and appropriate treatments could keep future breakouts under control. Some types of STDs can be successfully treated with antibiotics or other medical therapies, while other infections remain in the body for decades, and they could be passed on to future partners. That's why a proper diagnosis is so important. By learning the source of the rash, a guy could keep future mates from contracting a contagious disease.


STDs often top the list of concerns for guys with rashes, but there are several other sources for penis problems, and not all of them carry such severe consequences. For example, men who handle their equipment with a firm, tight and dry grip during intimate moments could abrade their delicate skin cells and erupt in a rash in the hours that follow. Even sex could lead to a rash, if the receptive partner isn't providing adequate lubrication. Rashes like this can sometimes look like those caused by STDs, so it's always important to see a doctor, but friction abrasions do tend to heal with time and TLC.


Landry detergents, perfumed soaps and slick body lotions can contain hundreds of ingredients, and even a small amount of a skin allergen could invade the delicate tissue of the penis and cause a ring of rashes to form. Intense itching might follow, and the welts might spread to other parts of the body. Identifying the allergen is vital, as outbreaks like this tend to grow more severe in time, so men will need to avoid the items that cause the welts to rise. Allergy testing can solve the mystery, but in the interim, sticking to products that have none of the following ingredients might be helpful:

- Dyes

- Anti-bacterial agents

- Perfumes

- Deodorants

- Lye

Inadequate Care

An unclean penis that is contaminated with bacteria and dead skin cells could quickly become an infected penis that swells, itches and feels terrible. Antibiotic creams can be vital here, allowing the inflammation to fade and the skin to resume its normal work. In the case of an infection, a doctor’s care is generally necessary.

Cleaning with a mild soap and rinsing thoroughly is an excellent method to keep the skin of the penis from rebelling and erupting. A penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) might also help to soothe penis skin and help it to resist infection, as it contains both vitamins and emollients that can soften skin and nourish the cells, providing a strong barrier against harmful contaminants. Wearing supportive undergarments that breathe could also be vital, as these items of clothing may discourage bacterial colonies from growing in the dark, humid area around the penis.

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