Masturbation Addiction Signs a Guy is Overdoing the Self-love

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    Jan 21, 2014
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Masturbation Addiction Signs a Guy is Overdoing the Self-love Photo by John Dugan

Cultural and religious inhibitions aside, it is medically recognized that masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life - for men and women alike. Men, in particular, are faced with extraordinary urges from the time they reach puberty, and it is not uncommon for a younger teen to engage in self-pleasure several times a day. Masturbation is pleasurable and relaxing, and men who are familiar with their own bodies often make for better partners; and the old tales that it causes problems like blindness, hairy palms, weakness and infertility are simply not true. On the other hand, there can always be too much of a good thing, and when masturbating becomes an obsession, rather than a pleasant pastime, then there may be cause for concern. Some signs that men may be taking things too far are described here, along with some tips for treatment and general penis care.

When is it too much?

1. It interferes with normal daily activities . Granted, most men think about sex more or less non-stop, and they may become aroused multiple times a day. In most cases, though, they can restrain the urge until an appropriate time and take care of business then. On the other hand, men who find that they cannot get through ordinary tasks - filing a report, cooking a meal, driving to work, and so on - without interrupting the proceedings for a quick solo session may be looking at obsessive behavior.

2. He cannot achieve orgasm by any other means. It goes without saying that if a man has just drained the tanks by masturbating, he may have difficulty achieving orgasm with a partner right away - at least for several hours. But when a man does not experience enough stimulation to climax during partner sex, this can become a problem.

3. He is not interested in other forms of sexual activity. Men generally develop their own rituals and habits when it comes to masturbation, whether they engage in a quick session in the bathroom or a more elaborate scenario using toys, videos, and so on. On the other hand, partner sex is still usually the preferred choice, and most men would rather enjoy intimacy with a live partner. When a real partner does not appeal, and only solo stimulation will do, then it may be worth considering therapy or other treatment.

4. He can’t stop thinking about it. As with men who cannot control the urge to masturbate, even at inappropriate times, guys who can’t stop thinking about it - and who cannot focus on regular activities - may be developing obsessive behavior.

5. He can’t stop even though it is damaging the penile tissue. Finally, guys who just can’t take a break from getting themselves off, even when the penis is chronically sore, irritated and even bruised - may need some help disengaging from harmful behavior. Continued harsh treatment without allowing time for damaged skin and connective tissue to heal may eventually lead to diminished penis sensation, or even loss of erectile function.

Getting help

Men who find that the urge to masturbate is disrupting their lives and spiraling out of control can seek help from a qualified sex therapist. Often, counseling and other therapeutic interventions can help to reverse destructive behavior and allow men to enjoy a normal, healthy sex life.

Taking care

For any man, masturbating can take its toll on the penile tissue. Rubbing, chafing and pulling can cause minute tears in the skin, leaving the tissue vulnerable to microorganisms that may cause infection. Overuse can also cause scarring, roughness and keratinized tissue, all of which can interfere with normal sensation and function. Using a lube that is specifically designed for this activity is essential in helping to prevent damage; and when the deed is done, following up with a wash, and then an application of a top-shelf penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil), can help stressed tissues to heal.

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