Five Penis Health Signs Men Should Never Ignore

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    Jan 05, 2013
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The penis is not just a measure of a man’s virility, and his libido is more than just an indicator of his ability to father a child. In many cases, problems with the penis that may seem minor are actually a sign that something more serious is going on; ignoring these symptoms can allow potentially dangerous health conditions to progress to the point that they are more difficult to treat. Looking out for these penis problems and following a healthy penis care regimen can help men to recognize when lifestyle changes, and even medical intervention, are needed.

1.   Skin infections – Like it or not, even the most well-groomed skin harbors millions of nasty microbes. Under the right conditions, these can develop into uncomfortable infections that may cause itching, soreness, burning, rash and an unpleasant discharge.

In most cases, the infections themselves are fairly minor and can be treated easily with over-the counter products. On the other hand, immune deficiencies caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes are often responsible for frequent infections, so men who regularly experience symptoms of infection should be on the lookout for underlying problems.

2.   Painful orgasms – Pain in the testicles, perineal area, or lower back following an orgasm is not just an annoyance, and it is probably not just a sign of overexertion. Painful ejaculation can be an indicator of prostatitis, an inflammatory condition of the prostate, as well as of enlarged prostate or even cancer.

Early intervention is essential in the treatment of these problems, so men who experience pain or aching in the groin or lower back following sex should seek a professional diagnosis.

3.   Difficulty urinating or painful urination – As with painful orgasms, difficulty starting a urine stream, frequent urination, or pain on urination may be a sign of enlarged prostate. On the other hand, a burning sensation during urination may indicate a urinary tract infection, or it may be due to nothing more than irritated skin at the penile opening.

In any case, urinary symptoms that do not clear up quickly on their own should be evaluated by a health care professional for appropriate treatment.

4.   Reduced erectile function – Many men accept a certain loss of firmness as a natural sign of aging, but in fact, reduced erectile function is a complex issue that can be an indicator of numerous other health problems.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common issues affecting erectile function. Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and plaques in the arteries often affect the penis before other parts of the body; as a result, loss of firmness can be an early sign of reduced heart function.

Emotional issues such as stress are also linked to ED; therefore, loss of function in otherwise healthy men can be an indicator that it is time to slow down and take care of one’s emotional well-being.

5.   Loss of sensitivity – Reduced penile sensation is also a complex issue. Loss of feeling is often simply a result of callused skin, as the outer layers of dermal tissue tend to respond to everyday wear and tear by building up a thickened protective layer.


Poor circulation may also contribute to loss of sensitivity; and nerve issues related to herniated discs, pelvic trauma and degenerative nerve disease may also lead to penile sensation loss.

Protecting penis health

The penis signs and symptoms described here should be taken seriously, and any ongoing conditions that do not respond to at-home treatment should be evaluated by a qualified medical practitioner. In the meantime, maintaining a healthy penis can help to eliminate some of the minor problems that cause these symptoms.

Responsible lifestyle choices, a healthy diet and regular exercise are at the core of penis health, as well as overall well-being. In addition, treating the skin with a high quality penis health cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing natural vitamins, minerals and moisturizers can protect against common infections, rejuvenate the skin for a more attractive appearance, and stimulate the growth of healthy, responsive nerve tissue.

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