Penis Acne - Whats Normal and Whats Not

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    Jul 15, 2013
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Penis Acne - Whats Normal and Whats Not Photo by John Dugan

Acne is commonly thought of as a condition that appears primarily on one’s face, and for most people, that is bad enough. Unfortunately, some individuals are afflicted with acne and pimples that exceed the boundaries of the face and appear on the neck, chest and back. In some cases, pimples can even appear down there. There are few problems more annoying and unpleasant than a penis pimple. Penis pimples are often painful and difficult to get rid of on account of the extra-sensitive skin not being a good candidate for strong skin cleansers. Though the stray pimple may not be entirely avoidable for all men, engaging in a daily penis care routine can drastically cut down on the occurrence while keeping the penis healthy.

Is it still a pimple when it is down there?

For a man who has not had the pleasure - or pain rather - of experiencing a penis pimple, it can be quite a surprising turn of events. Imagine it, a mysterious bump shows up on an area that one prefers to be bump free. Men may be concerned it is a symptom of genital warts, herpes or other sexually transmitted disease - or, the worst-case scenario - a cancerous nodule. While these more concerning conditions occasionally share similar properties, it is possible the pimple is merely a pimple.

What does a penis pimple look like?

A pimple that appears on the shaft looks like the big brother of the variety on one’s face. Typically a little larger in size, the pimple may appear as a reddish lump or a bump with a white head on it. A penis pimple may have a slight discharge if it is popped, but just like the variety that shows up on the face, they should not purposely be popped or picked at. Picking at a pimple - wherever it shows up on the body - can push bacteria and other germs into the sore, causing it to become infected and lengthening the healing time. The best course of action is to gently wash it with soap and water, and apply a warm compress to speed circulation to the area if it is painful. A pimple on the penis is likely caused by a plugged pore, or it can develop around an ingrown hair.

How is it different from other bumps?

A penis pimple should look familiar, and much like a typical face pimple. Other sources of infection may discharge blood or ooze for a long period and appear more like an open sore on the genital region. Warts or other bumps may appear flesh colored, rather than red in appearance and may be softer to the touch, while a pimple often has a hard, painful center to it. If an unusual looking lump or bump appears shortly after engaging in sex with a new partner - particularly if it was unprotected - there may be slightly more cause for concern, though the timing may just be coincidental. A penis pimple is likely to clear up on its own in a few days’ time, while other sores will linger and likely need antibiotics to treat them. However, one can never be too careful, if the bump seems a little too suspicious, is persistently painful, bleeds and oozes excessively, or just plain doesn’t look or feel right - it is always a good idea to head to the doctor for a professional opinion.

Preventing penis pimples

Men who tend to have oily skin by nature, are more prone to developing penis pimples. Maintaining good hygiene and showering immediately after a sweaty workout can help keep the area free from sweat and oil - both of which increase the chance of developing penis pimples. After each shower, be sure to apply a penis vitamin formula directly on the penis. Select one containing the anti-bacterial ingredient vitamin A (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to further reduce the chance of penis pimples and other bumps. Simply adding a penis cream not only fights pimples, but helps keep the penis skin silky smooth and healthy.

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