Too Fat for Sex? Think Again Hands-on Hints for Enjoying Real Bodies

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    Dec 31, 2013
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Too Fat for Sex? Think Again Hands-on Hints for Enjoying Real Bodies Photo by John Dugan

In a world of photoshop, airbrushing, and misguided thinking about how the human body should appear, women are not the only ones who feel like they should conform to a physical ideal that is nearly impossible to achieve. There are plenty of men whose bodies fall somewhere outside the media ideal, and they are often just as easily convinced as women that they are unattractive to a potential sexual partner. While they may have the same desires as their more chiseled counterparts, a skewed image of what is normal may leave them feeling like they are too fat for sex. But the truth is that men who are on the heavier side really can experience sensuality at every level; often, all that is needed is a bit of a change in attitude. The hints below, combined with tips for maintaining a healthy penis, can help all men learn to enjoy their bodies - right now, just the way they are.

1. Lose the negative self-talk. One of the greatest obstacles to a healthy sex life is poor self-esteem. Even if an overweight person is treated with kindness by others, his own negative self-image may leave him feeling unattractive, to the extent that he won’t even make the attempt to find a partner. The first thing a man needs to do to change this attitude is to tell himself that he is, in fact, attractive and worth knowing, and that he has plenty to offer. This may be easier said than done, but attitude is everything - there is nothing sexier than a person who comes off as confident and self-assured, regardless of their waistline. Another point worth noting here is that, if a man finds a partner who is interested, chances are that person is attracted to them as they are, so why not go with it and take the chance?

2. Practice getting naked. One issue that can be difficult when it comes to "fat sex" is the idea of being naked. A person who is overweight may be accustomed to covering up as much as possible, and it can feel awkward and unnatural to bare it all in front of a partner. One way to overcome this is just to spend some time alone without clothing. Maybe take some time in front of a mirror and practice sensual touch - both of the penis and the rest of the body, and men may start to view their physique as something sensual and worthy of pleasure.

3. Focus on the feelings. For men who are used to watching adult films, the impression may be that sex is graceful, sensual and amazing to watch. In real life, though, sex really looks silly - no matter how fit the parties involved - so there is little sense in focusing on the visual aspect. Instead, concentrate on the sensations that are raised, both in the penis and elsewhere on the body, and learn to enjoy those. And keep in mind - the individuals engaged in the act in adult viewing materials are actors, and all of that action is choreographed and edited - not a reflection of real life.

4. Try new things. For the heftier man - or woman - ordinary sex positions like the classic missionary may or may not work well. It is a good idea - and potentially a lot of fun - to try out new positions and make note of what works especially well, as well as what does not.

5. Keep the penis healthy. For any man - no matter what his body proportions - to enjoy sex, a healthy penis is a requirement. A penis that has smooth, supple skin is more likely to respond to a partner’s touch, and healthy circulation is a must for strong erections that can stay the course. Adding a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the daily self-care regimen can help keep the penis ready for sex at all times. A product that contains ingredients like vitamin E and Shea butter can leave the skin looking and feeling vibrant and responsive, which is sure to give an added boost of self-confidence.

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