Top Pressing Penis Questions Answered

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    Jun 21, 2013
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Top Pressing Penis Questions Answered Photo by John Dugan

Asking important penis questions doesn't always come naturally for men. While they might enjoy kidding around with their buddies, the idea of talking to a doctor about something so sensitive tends to make most guys cringe. Understanding how the organ works is of vital importance, however, as men who grasp the biology basics are in a better position to care for their bodies and get help when something goes wrong. Here are a few common questions that can help men to get a jump start on their penis education.

1. Does Bigger Always Mean Better?

Adult film connoisseurs might swear that a big penis is vital to the happiness of a sexual partner. This isn't always true. In fact, the average man's penis isn't remarkably long when erect, and the average partner doesn't much care. Men who focus on position, on foreplay and on timing tend to draw rave reviews, no matter their size, while those who focus exclusively on size comparisons may be much too nervous to even engage in sex. In general, it's best to focus on what the penis can do when it comes to sex, and leave the locker room comparisons aside.

2. Can Circumcision Change Sensitivity Levels?

In order to find the definitive answer to this question, scientists would need to build a time machine and allow the same group of men to live once without being cut and once after being cut. Obviously, that's not going to happen in the near future, so studies regarding sensitivity between the circumcised and the uncircumcised might not even be helpful. For the time being, it's safe to say that being circumcised could cut down on sensitivity levels for some men, as there are some receptor tissues in the foreskin. However, most men still claim that sex feels good, no matter whether they've had surgery.

3. How Many Erections Does a Man Have Per Day?

The number can vary dramatically from man to man, but the typical guy sports a stiff member dozens of times during an average day. Many of these erections take place while a man is sleeping, and others come about due to a sexual prompt, such as a willing partner. But it's not uncommon for men younger than 30 to deal with unwanted erections due to very subtle stimuli, such as a vibrating bus seat or a whiff of a familiar perfume.

4. How Common Are Performance Issues?

When a man can't get an erection, although he desperately wants one, he might feel completely isolated and alone. It might be comforting to know that almost every guy has difficulty with performance at least once during his lifetime. Physical illnesses can impact blood flow, as can mental health concerns like depression or anxiety. Even alcohol can impact the ability of the penis to fill up and swell up. Transient erection problems aren't typically cause for concern, and they tend to fade away when the underlying issue is addressed. That said, erection problems that persist for months might merit a trip to the doctor.

5. Is a Curved Penis Unhealthy or Dangerous?

A slight bend to the right or to the left isn't considered overtly dangerous. In fact, many men have a few little bends and kinks in their shorts. These twists can be unsightly, however, and some curves can become serious, as well as painful. Some might even lead to urologic problems later in life. Using a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) may help. These products can keep penile skin soft and supple, with vitamins A and E to help it handle the demands of masturbation and sex without lying down scar tissue that can lead to penile curves. Using a product like this on a daily basis could keep the bends at bay.

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