Boosting Sex Drive in Women Help Her Get Back in Gear

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    Mar 07, 2014
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Boosting Sex Drive in Women Help Her Get Back in Gear Photo by John Dugan

A partner with a healthy sex drive makes for a man with a happy penis. But there may be extended periods of time when a woman's drive may be in a lower gear than a man desires. Jumpstarting that drive is important for a couple's emotional and sexual lives, and since good penis health includes a proper amount of sexual activity, it's also important for a guy's overall health status.

What accounts for her decreased interest in sex?

There can be many reasons why a woman might not be "in the mood," either short term or long term. For example:

  • Timing. Nature created woman to be more inclined toward sexual activity around the time that she is ovulating.
  • Estrogen levels. In addition to monthly fluctuations in hormones, sometimes general estrogen levels are too low. Not only does this affect desire, it can also affect the body's ability to prepare itself for sexual activity; vaginal tissue may become dryer with subnormal amounts of estrogen, making sexual activity painful.
  • Medical reasons . Lack of iron or a poorly functioning thyroid can also have a major effect on a woman's sexual desire.
  • Emotions. Many believe that this is the biggest reason for a decrease of interest in sex for women, especially pre-menopausal women. Depression, stress, sorrow, grief, low self-esteem and a host of other emotions are not conducive to a positive sex drive.

What a guy can do

There are several things a man can do to help a woman recover her interest in sex:

1. Talk about it. A man should gently raise the subject, perhaps by saying that he has noticed that she doesn't seem as interested in sex lately as he does. Find out if she feels the same way and why she thinks this might be. If there might be a medical component, encourage her to consult with a doctor. If she feels there is a problem in the relationship, let her talk about it. Suggest couples therapy if that seems to be appropriate. If there are emotional issues, discuss ways to handle these emotions; this not only will help to restore her interest in sex but will make her a happier and emotionally healthier person all around.

2. Assess himself. After this conversation, a man should take a good long look at himself to see how he might be impacting his partner. Is he neglecting to pay proper attention to her feelings? Does he only show increased interest in her when he wants some action? Is he "selfish" in sex, skipping appropriate foreplay or only reluctantly bringing her to orgasm if he finishes early?

3. Take action. Guys need to act on the information they get from their partners. Depending on what he has been told, he might surprise her with a special romantic dinner; read that novel that she's been reading so they can discuss it together; praise her for some of the everyday tasks that she thinks he doesn't notice; do the grocery shopping or go with her to the store when she goes; send flowers; call her at work just to chat; take a shower with her before sex; extend the amount of time he spends kissing and cuddling before embarking on intercourse; tell her (and not just during sex) how attractive she is; talk dirty to her (but in terms that she finds arousing); or just hold hands when out together.

Each woman has different needs and desires, but the key to reigniting sexual fire is to pay attention to and appreciate her, and to let her know in a real and sincere way, through both words and actions, that she is desired, special and loved.

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