Penis Odor - 5 Ways Men Can Fight It Right Now

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    Apr 24, 2013
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Penis Odor - 5 Ways Men Can Fight It Right Now Photo by John Dugan

A man's scent is as personal and as individualized as his thumb print, and many of the odors that make up a man's personal perfume come directly from the lap area. Some of these swirling scents are pheromone based, telling potential mates about the man's health and vigor. Other penis odors aren't so sexy, however, and they can be a definite turnoff to people standing downwind. While scrubbing away all traces of scent is a biologic impossibility, there are some penis care steps men can take in order to tone down the unpleasant aromas.

1. Wash Up.

Skin cells are replaced on a regular basis, and often, they linger when they're no longer attached to the tissues that once fed and nourished them. If these jettisoned cells band together, they can form a thick paste that just smells awful. Washing the penis on a daily basis with mild soap and a thorough rinse can ensure that these discarded tissues swirl down the drain before they can begin to emit any odor at all. A wash can also help to remove any leftover dribbles and drips left behind after a trip to the bathroom.

2. Let it Breathe.

Sweat glands line the crotch, flushing out toxins and keeping delicate equipment at just the right temperature. Wearing tight underwear that doesn't breathe can trap this cloud of moisture around the penis, and as those skin cells open up in response to the humidity, the scent can be overpowering. Adequate airflow can allow sweat to evaporate, so skin stays dry and relatively odor-free. Wearing the proper underwear can even make the body sweat a little less, as the refreshing breeze will keep the package cold enough that the body's cooling mechanism may not feel the need to kick in.

3. Clean Out the Filter.

Sweat is produced by tiny glands that rely on a significant amount of water. Men who don't drink enough produce sweat that's intensely concentrated, and very likely quite stinky. By adding fluids to the daily diet, men can dilute and de-scent their sweat, making their laps just a little less humid and a little less smelly. Clear fluids like juice and water are best for odor, rather than teas and coffee, which can actually make sweat smell a little worse.

4. Load Up on Vitamins

Vitamins A and E both have a vital role to play in keeping skin strong and healthy. People who don't take in enough of these vitamins can develop fragile skin tissues that are susceptible to tiny tears and microscopic breaks, and these little fissures make a perfect home for smelly bacteria. Foods high in Vitamin A include organ meats and potatoes, while a Vitamin E diet contains plenty of nuts and dried herbs. Multivitamins also contain these ingredients, and the pills are easy to take while on the go. For some people, supplementation provides the quickest route to a good diet, and a lowered amount of penile odors.

5. Try a Topical.

Supplements and dietary amendments can help to boost vitamin levels throughout the body, but unfortunately, there's no guarantee that the nutrients that enter the mouth will head straight to the penis. In fact, the body might even excrete these elements without putting them to any use at all. That's why topical applications of vitamins and nutrients are considered so vital for an odor-busting program. By putting nutrients right where they're needed, a man can bypass the digestive system altogether.

A penis health formula (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which can help to reduce bacterial colonies living on penile skin, and the emollients in these products can keep the skin soft and intact, so fewer dead cells will collect and fewer odor-filled cracks will form. After a few weeks of using a product like this, a man might notice a significant improvement in his personal scent, as might his intimate partners.

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