Sex and the Female Mind -- What Women Really Think About in Bed

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    Mar 15, 2014
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Sex and the Female Mind -- What Women Really Think About in Bed Photo by John Dugan

When it comes to sex, men and women are two totally different creatures. A man may pop a woody after glancing a bit of skin, having a sexy thought pop into his mind, or simply by smelling a familiar perfume - that is all it takes for him to be off and running. Women, however, are much more complicated. They often need more direct physical stimulation to become ready for the deed (hello, foreplay) rather than visual or mental stimulation. So it is no surprise then, that many men are curious about what their woman is thinking before, during, or after sex, as there tends to be more going on in her brain than his during an intimate moment. Take a peek inside the female mind with these 10 thoughts she may have during sex and learn why it’s important to her to keep the penis healthy for upcoming sexual experiences.

What is she thinking?

While every woman is different, and some women have only one thing on their minds - actual sex - it is a simple curse of the female brain that it tends to have more difficulty shutting off than the male brain. Sad, but true. Here are 10 common things that run through the female brain during a round of nookie:

1) Do my thighs/butt/hips look fat? Not that she thinks her man is superficial, but most women want to look sexy, so her appearance is one of the most common thing for a woman to think about during sex. Be sure to tell her how amazing she looks so she can put negative thoughts out of her mind and get down to business.

2) Is he into this? Yes, women tend to think more about their partner’s enjoyment than their own - which makes it harder to be uninhibited. Reassure her that she is getting the job done.

3) I really dislike/like this move: Women don’t want to hurt men’s feelings, so they may not voice their opinion if something feels weird. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always say when things feel good either.

4) I gotta finish that laundry: Yes, sometimes women run over their to-do list during sex. Talk about a buzz kill.

5)I gotta pee: Ever wonder why women run to the bathroom before sex? It is partly to freshen up and partly to empty that bladder, because once the action starts, it’s common for her to have the urge to go.

6) Can anybody hear this? When living with a roommate, in a hotel, or in an apartment, women may be worried about being overheard by nearby ears. Sure, a guy might get a high-fived from his roommate after he emerges from the bedroom, but she is forced to do the walk of shame - so if she’s keeping it more quiet than usual, try to follow suit.

7) He put a condom on, right? If it is a new relationship in particular, she may be concerned about protection. Sure, most of the time she can tell if a guy is wearing a rubber, but sometimes, if she’s lost in the moment she may have a panicked thought that he forgot. Put her mind at ease and make sure she knows the protection is in place. Nothing is sexy about picturing an STI.

8) Oh crap, was that a queef? Queefing during sex is normal. She didn’t fart, it’s just air moving around from thrusting. Ignore it!

9)Umm, a little to the left: Sometimes a guy just isn’t hitting the mark, if she seems to be wiggling to one side or subtly directing a hand to a better spot. Follow her cue!

10) So does this mean we are boyfriend/girlfriend? If "the talk" hasn’t happened yet, she will be wondering if the sex means something in terms of the relationship. Be ready for that talk; it’s coming!

Staying Sex Ready

While the guys body may physically be ready for sex at the drop of a hat, he needs to make sure his penis is bedroom ready so her thoughts don’t become "Eww, what is that bump on his penis?" or "Talk about dry skin - lotion much?" To keep penis pimples, bumps, and dry skin at bay, men should use a penis vitamin cream daily (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to combat those nasty penis ailments no man wants to deal with. Simply slather on daily and enjoy a healthier, more moisturized penis.

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