Itchy Penis Quiz What Causes the Tingle?

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    Sep 07, 2014
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Itchy Penis Quiz What Causes the Tingle? Photo by John Dugan

An itch on any part of the human body can be uncomfortable. But when it's an itch in the pants, it's almost unbearable. In fact, men with itchy penis concerns are likely far too distracted to think clearly. But they should be thinking, because many of these itches are caused by conditions that will go away with the right penis care.

This quiz contains a list of itching symptoms, along with the conditions that typically cause the discomfort. Men can use it to find out a little more about what in the world could be going wrong, and what they should be doing to make it better.

The Symptoms

1) Intense itching accompanied by a cheese-like material that gathers underneath the foreskin. This is a smelly problem.

2) The itching begins after sex with a female partner, and she's probably itchy, too. Discharge that's white and thick might occur in some men, but others may have no discharge or smells. They might just be itchy.

3) A red and scaly rash that starts in the folds of a man's body (like the spot between his legs and his groin) that may spread to his penis. The itching associated with this particular condition can be unbearable.

4) Tiny parasites seem to deliver this itch, and when a man pulls apart his public hairs, he may see these creatures running for cover.

5) An intense itch starts the process, but a rash soon appears and spreads.

The Conditions and Treatments

A) Pubic lice caused by close contact. These small creatures love to feed on human blood, and each bite causes intense itching. The bugs can travel from one body to another, so it's easy to get them during sex, but they might also spread when men share clothes or towels with others. A medicated lotion or shampoo can help.

B) Balanitis caused by poor hygiene. When men don't keep things clean and fluids build up, bacteria can reproduce, resulting in itching and unpleasant odors. Typically, this is a problem that will heal when men wash up regularly, but a doctor might prescribe an ointment to speed up recovery.

C) Jock itch. A fungus causes this particular problem, but keeping the lap a little wet and a little dirty doesn't help. Treatment involves over-the-counter creams and sprays, along with frequent underwear changes. This two-pronged attack can make the discomfort fade.

D) Dermatitis caused by allergies. Harsh soaps, perfumes and other irritants can be hard on sensitive skin, and allergic reactions might occur in response. Removing the offending item can help the problem dissipate, but some men need oral medications (antihistamines) in order to really feel better.

E) Yeast infections transmitted through sexual activity. When a female partner is overrun with yeast cells, they can hitch a ride on a man's rod during sex and reproduce inside his body. This is an uncomfortable problem, but over-the-counter medications can be a big help. Men should see their doctors first, though, just to make sure yeast is the only problem.

Matching Symptoms with Causes

1) B

2) E

3) C

4) A

5) D

See a Doctor

This article doesn't mention sexually transmitted diseases, but many of these conditions can also cause itching. That's why it's vital for men to see their doctors when itching occurs. But it's clear that many causes of itching can be cured quickly with the proper method of care.

Prevention is also vital for itching problems, and a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may help. Quality products contain emollients that can keep skin smooth and slick, while vitamins can keep bacterial colonies in check. A daily application could help men with itchy penis concerns to heal, and may block the itch in the future.

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