The Erect Penis Guide to Her Elusive G-Spot

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    Aug 30, 2014
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The Erect Penis Guide to Her Elusive G-Spot Photo by John Dugan

When it comes to sex, going from a flaccid state to an erect penis is relatively easy for most men; the equipment is right out there in plain sight and the mechanics behind it are not terribly complex. Assuming that the owner of the equipment has taken steps to ensure optimal penis health, pleasure is usually just a few strokes away. But sexual satisfaction can sometimes be a bit more complicated for the female partner; all men have heard of the mysterious G-spot, which seems to hold the key to providing ultimate pleasure. Unfortunately, sometimes men have a difficult time accessing this treasure chest of delight.

The G-spot

The G-spot is the nickname for the Gräfenberg spot, named after the gynecologist who initially reported on it. The G-spot is generally considered a part of the vagina, although there is some disagreement in the scientific-medical community as to whether the G-spot actually exists and if it does, exactly what it is.

However, those who accept the G-spot as a distinct area of female sexual anatomy locate it between one and three inches inside the vagina, to the side of the urethra and the bladder and on the top of the vaginal wall.

While some have reported that the G-spot is a small bump or raised area of tissue, others have found there is no noticeable surface difference in the area defined as the G-spot, although there may be differences in the neural connections in the area.


A woman is more likely to achieve G-spot-derived orgasms when an appropriate amount of foreplay is involved. Couples should experiment with various forms of foreplay to determine the best manner in which the woman's G-spot can be stimulated. For example, it is usually best to remember that foreplay is not limited to (and often should not begin with) manual or oral stimulation of the sexual organ. For many women, a good deal of hugging, kissing and caressing is as important as fingering of the clitoris.

Once the foreplay has moved to the sexual organ, the man should allow the partner to guide him as he experiments with different strokes and rhythms. Many women enjoy the sensation of gentle rubbing of her vaginal opening. Eventually, the man may insert a finger into the vagina. Once inside, he should gently crook the finger back and forth; if the woman is on her back, the G-spot is going to be located on the top of the vaginal wall, so this crooking motion should touch the area and provide stimulation.

As stated before, the man should let his partner guide him to determine if he is being too rough, too gentle, too fast, too slow, etc.


Because of its location, stimulation of the G-spot during intercourse can be difficult. The missionary position, which is typically used by many couples, doesn't allow the penis to touch the G-spot in the most direct manner. There is usually more success in accessing the G-spot when utilizing the missionary position if the woman's hips are propped up by pillows or other supports.

In general, G-spot access is more easily achieved when the woman is on top or in a "doggy" style position.

The Goal

The G-spot has become something of a Holy Grail in sex. It's important to remember that a woman can have a perfectly happy sex life without every achieving a G-spot orgasm. Fixating on this rather than enjoying sex as a way to bond with another person can be damaging.

Whether searching for the G-spot or not, a man needs to make sure his erect penis is also a healthy one; using a nourishing penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may assist in keeping one's member in good health. The best creams are those that contain penis-supportive ingredients such as L-arginine, which may boost the nitric oxide that keeps penis blood vessels open and flowing. Another essential ingredient is acetyl L-carnitine, the neuroprotective properties of which may restore lost sensitivity to a penis that has been handled too roughly.

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