Penis Health Crme Guide for Use the Secrets to Gaining the Full Benefits

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    Jun 23, 2014
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Penis Health Crme Guide for Use the Secrets to Gaining the Full Benefits Photo by John Dugan

The instructions for use of a penis health crème are fairly straightforward - apply after a shower, massage into the skin, allow to dry, and done; and men who regularly use a quality crème by following these steps are sure to experience significant improvements in terms of the texture of their skin and the level of sensation they can experience. However, men can go a bit further when it comes to receiving the full benefits of a penile crème by following these more detailed guidelines for penis care and hygiene.

Keep it out in the open.

Meaning the crème, of course… Men are often leery about sharing their penile issues with others, even with an intimate partner, and much of the treatment the penis receives happens behind closed doors. As a result of their shyness, they may hide products like a penile crème from others. It's understandable, but in reality, being open and honest about the use of an intimate product could help a guy to reap even bigger rewards. Consider this: Women who discover that their partners are using an intimate product tend to feel flattered, as though their men are doing something special, just for them. Some women react so enthusiastically to the idea that they agree to help apply the lotion. Few guys would turn down this kind of help.

As a result, savvy men keep their bottles of product out in the open, on the bathroom countertop or on the bedside table. They might get some added, frisky-based benefits, and they also have the product available for application.

Consistency is key

Each application of a quality product is designed to nourish the tissues for long periods of time. After just a few uses, the skin tends to feel springy and soft. Sometimes, once the skin begins to feel and look better, men back off and stop using the crème as often; after all, the skin is no longer damaged and painful, so men think it's appropriate to return to a more standardized routine.

Experienced men know, however, that a quality product does more than make the skin look great. These products can also nourish tissues men can't see, including:

- Blood vessels

- Nerve cells

- Collagen

- Immune system cells

Repeated application, even when the cells seem healthy, could be a reasonable step any guy could take in order to keep the skin, nerve and circulatory tissue in good health, so continuing to use the crème on a daily basis over the long term may allow men to experience more significant and lasting benefits.

Emergency Care

While a daily application can keep skin and penile tissues healthy and responsive, as well as more resistant to surface scrapes and abrasions, men should NOT think of the crème as a cure-all or an emergency treatment. When injuries do occur, especially those that are extremely painful and/or accompanied by bruising, bleeding or swelling, an immediate visit to a doctor’s office or emergency room is critical. The same holds true for rashes, sores, and other symptoms that indicate an underlying health issue.

In these cases, men should not rely on any topical products - and in fact, applying a crème or lotion to an open sore or wound could compound the problem. Instead, men should rely on their doctor’s advice for treatment, waiting until the problem is resolved before returning to the daily application of a penile crème.

Getting Started

There's no prescription required for a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), and there's no need to visit a pharmacist in order to pick up a bottle, so all men who are in good health can start benefitting from a product like this right away. Look for products containing a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, as well as natural emollients like Shea butter, and apply daily for a healthier, more responsive penis.

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