Accidental Ejaculation A Surprising Side Effect of Exercise

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    Nov 08, 2013
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Accidental Ejaculation A Surprising Side Effect of Exercise Photo by John Dugan

When a man is busy pumping iron, the last thing he wants to worry about is starching his gym shorts while he’s doing it. Surprising though it may be to the unsuspecting gym rat, accidental ejaculation is not an indication that something is wrong with a man’s sexual heath. Learn more about this condition as well as how to keep the penis healthy.

What is exercise ejaculation?

Pretty much what it sounds like, exercise ejaculation occurs when a man releases ejaculate during intense physical exercise. It is more commonly associated with weight lifting, but other strenuous exercises - particularly those that engage the core muscles - can also cause the release of semen. If that doesn’t make that last set of sit-ups seem interesting, nothing will!

Is exercise ejaculation a sign of a health condition?

Though it is not an everyday occurrence for most men, a man is not going to appear in Ripley’s Believe it or Not because he releases a little ejaculate during exercise. Ejaculating during exercise has not been found to be associated with any penis or prostate health issues and is not a risk to a man’s well-being. Additionally, in most cases, the volume of ejaculate released is likely to be a lesser amount than what would be expelled during an orgasm, so there is a good chance nobody else would notice the little problem if it was taken care of right away.

What exactly causes this to happen?

If one thinks about the anatomy of the body and the way it moves during vigorous exercising, there is a great deal of crunching, straining, tightening and curling of the abdominal, pelvic and core muscles. And what is located within the muscles of the pelvic floor? The prostate gland. So it is fairly intuitive to see that a very intense abdominal and core workout puts a lot of pressure and squeezing on the prostate gland, which, in some cases, expels some semen. Most men who experience this condition report that they ejaculate through a flaccid penis, which further indicates it is linked to internal squeezing of the prostate gland.

Can anything be done to prevent it from happening?

Well, that probably depends on each man’s individual case. First of all, pay attention to what exercises set it off. If it is one specific exercise only that causes the ejaculation, try modifying that exercise so it is less intense or swapping another exercise out for it. Some men report being able to feel when ejaculate is about to be released - though it is a different feeling than an orgasm - and are able to take a break from working out until the feeling subsides to help prevent it. Also take notice of if there are certain days it is more common. If, for example, it only occurs when it has been a few days since having sex or masturbating, it is likely that is the trigger. One way to ensure little or no semen is released during ejaculation is to masturbate just prior to hitting the gym; this will void the body of semen and likely eliminate the problem. Also, some men who experience this more times than not when working out, opt to use a pad or underwear liner to help absorb semen if it is released and prevent an embarrassing spot on the gym shorts.

Keeping the penis healthy

Any man who is hitting the gym is already doing some good for his penis. After all, working out improves cardiovascular health, muscle tone and circulation - all of which contribute to a nice healthy erection. Men who want to step up their game should use a penis health formula every day (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep the penis running at peak performance. A special penis formula can help improve and maintain proper circulation, fight penis aging and wrinkling, and improve the appearance of the penis skin itself. Wash, lotion, and repeat daily - it’s that simple!

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