Better Penis Health and Performance Why Every Guy Needs Shea Butter

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    Apr 08, 2014
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Better Penis Health and Performance Why Every Guy Needs Shea Butter Photo by John Dugan

A healthy dose of sex and an occasional shower could be all that a guy would put on his must-have list of penis care rituals. The sex keeps skin cells energized, while the bath washes germs down the drain. Sounds simple enough, right? In reality, a man's vital tool needs more than sex and suds to survive. In fact, this sensitive organ needs all sorts of nutritional support and emollient healing in order to function at an optimum level, day in and day out. Shea butter is just one must-have ingredient when it comes to penis care, and delving into the specifics of how this ingredient works could make men desperate to get their hands on the power of Shea as quickly as possible.

Softening and Soothing

The word "soft" isn't one that's typically applied to a healthy penis, unless there's some kind of joke involved. However, the tissues on the exterior of a man's love tool simply must be soft and flexible, due to the degree of stretching and friction they face.

When a sexy moment occurs and blood begins to flow into the penis, the skin that surrounds the erectile chambers must stretch and expand to accommodate all of the additional fluid. Skin that's soft can stretch with ease, but tissues that are dry tend to crack and tear on a microscopic level when they're under pressure.

Shea butter works as a sealant, locking in the moisture and preventing tiny fissures from developing in the skin’s surface. It's also a natural source of skin-healthy vitamins, which can allow the body to produce replacement cells that are both fresh and flexible. With regular application of a Shea butter product, the tool will be softer and smoother than it's ever been, and that could provide a guy with the ability to bend and flex with ease.

Preventing Imperfections

Since penile tissues do move and stretch on a regular basis, they can develop rough spots and blotches. Places in which skin layers are thin can appear reddish when compared to the surrounding tissue, since the blood is easier to spot through thin skin. Similarly, thin skin can sometimes crack or break apart during a stretching episode, and these stretch marks could look purplish or even blue.

While Shea butter products shouldn't be used on skin that's actively bleeding, the nourishment of these products can help distressed skin to heal beautifully. New layers of skin can come in to replace the old, and as they do, the damaged areas may fade from view. Skin cells nourished by Shea can also seem plumper, which could reduce the appearance of wrinkles and otherwise flabby skin.

Injury Prevention

Shea can do more than help injured skin to heal. It can also be an essential instrument-protection tool. A daily dose can help to remove dead and scaly tissues that have been caused by:

  • Too-tight clothing
  • Poor nutrition
  • Rough sex acts
  • Poorly venting underwear

With these diseased cells out of the way, the vitamins and minerals inherent in each dose of Shea butter can dig deep into the lower layers of the skin, plumping and firming and moisturizing with every step, so that the penis is simply primed for pleasure with no risk of injury in sight. That can be a real blessing for men who hope to use that love tool regularly, as they'll be able to pump away without searching for signs of damage.

More than Shea

While Shea is certainly vital for the health and all-around beauty of the penis, it's not the only tool a guy needs for a perfected package. In fact, most guys also need a slew of vitamins and minerals that can support cardiovascular and nervous system health, along with specialized supplements that can boost tissue regeneration. All of these additional benefits, along with Shea, can be found in a penis health crème. A quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be just the thing a man needs to take his penis game to the next level.

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